Selected Water Resources Abstracts

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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Tropical Hydrology and Fourth
Caribbean Islands Water Resources Congress, San ... 'Reservoir operation, 'Sri
Lanka, 'Tropical hydrology, 'Water resources management, Dynamic
programming, ... Stochastic dynamic programming (SDP) using discretized state
and decision variables has been found to be an ... with deterministically
forecasted inflow both with long-term stochastic dynamic programming based
operational policy and with ...

International Journal On Hydropower Dams

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Windsor (1973) developed an LP model for analysing multi-reservoir flood
control operations. ... Although the strict linearity of LP does limit its applicability,
LP has the advantage of finding an optima] solution within a finite number of
iterations. The dynamic programming approach involves breaking down a
complex problem into a series of simpler ... A description of PERESE, and the
SDS model based on aggregation in the Hydro-Qudbec system is presented by
Turgeon [199226].

Hydrology In Mountainous Regions Artificial Reservoirs Water And Slopes

Author: Richard O. Sinniger
ISBN: 9780947571627
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Richard O. Sinniger, International Association of Hydrological Sciences,
International Association of Hydrogeologists Michel Monbaron ... in development
and application of optimization techniques in planning, design, operation and
management of complex water resources ... stochastic LP, and stochastic
programming with recourse; (2) dynamic programming (DP) including
incremental DP, discrete differential ... The stochastic models are based on
stochastic streamflow forecasting.

Dissertation Abstracts International

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preliminary design with a view to originating computer-based tools for this phase
in engineering. ... The model concept and its applicability are demonstrated using
highway pavement data in the province of Alberta, Canada. ... Interval Analysis
adapts traditional numerical operations by replacing traditional numbers with
intervals of numbers that model uncertain values. ... systems using the enhanced
technologies, neural network algorithm and multidimensional dynamic

Pollution Abstracts

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82-06350P Decomposition Method for the Long-Term Scheduling of Reservoirs
in Series. ... optimization problem of n state variables as n - 1 problems of two
state variables which are solved by dynamic programing. ... 824X35 1P
Application of Balance Hydrological Methods to the Transfer of Nitrogen Salts to
Surface Waters in the Orgeval Gathering Area. ... Although no attenuation in the
pesticide concentration over the distance was observed, upper limits for a first
order decay at ...


Author: Nicola Fohrer
Publisher: UTB
ISBN: 3825245136
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Dieses Buch vermittelt die Grundlagen des Wasserkreislaufs mit seinen räumlichen und zeitlichen Mustern.

Artenschutz Durch Habitatmanagement

Author: Werner Kunz
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527806229
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Kunz erlautert, wie durch eine intelligente Umgestaltung unserer Kulturlandschaft neue Lebensraume fur zahlreiche Arten auf der "Roten Liste" geschaffen werden und so die historische Artenvielfalt der Agrar- und Weideflachen Mitteleuropas ...

Water Resources Planning And Management

Author: Vijay Singh
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9780792336532
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Proceedings of the International Conference on Hydrology and Water Resources,
New Delhi, India, December 1993 Vijay ... The model incorporates the complex
features of operation at the reservoir level and at the field level, however, with
some limitations. ... which naturally increases the computational burden to an
unmanageable degree in a practical application. ... periods is not directly
reflected in the model because of the limitation caused by the use of dynamic
programming as ...