Development In International Law

Author: Qerim Qerimi
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9004202943
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This book delimits these key notions of the public order of the 21st century in an entirely new fashion.

Jahrbuch F R Internationales Recht

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Policy-Oriented Jurisprudence By Siegfried Wiessner* and Andrew R. Willard**
Policy-oriented jurisprudence1 was developed in order to provide professionals
of the law, and, beyond that field, decision-makers of given communities and their
... M./M. A. Program in Intercultural Human Rights, St. Thomas University School
of Law, Miami, Florida. " Senior Research Scholar, Yale Law School, and
President, The Policy Sciences Center, Inc. and The Society for the Policy

Annual Review Of Anthropology

Author: William H. Durham
Publisher: Annual Reviews
ISBN: 9780824319236
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Finally, and somewhat in summary, the predominantly legal approach and state-
level formulations of the UN human rights process have tended to marginalize
anthropologists. Anthropologists have entered the legal arena, especially in ...
theoretical, action- or policy-oriented analyses of social transformations (45, 46,
118), especially as human rights enter into definitions and discussions of
development (117, 246). Official political agencies may deal with human rights
mostly or ...

Annual Review Of Anthropology

Publisher: Annual Reviews
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Alternatively, lack of attention to human rights in the political context of fieldwork
has also been used as a framework for criticizing anthropologists' involvement in
colonialist, imperialist regimes (31, 94, 151). ... Reciprocally, anthropologists
might make greater use of the human rights framework in their theoretical, action-
or policy-oriented analyses of social transformations (45, 46, 1 1 8), especially as
human rights enter into definitions and discussions of development (1 17, 246).

International Flow Of Information

Author: Hamid Mowlana
Publisher: United Nations Educational
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International and Intercultural Communication. ... (Hearings and markups before
the Subcommittees on International Operations and on Human Rights and
International Organizations of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of
Representatives, Ninety-Seventh Congress, 10 March, 9 July and 16 July 1981.)
... Novotny, Eric J., "Transborder Data Flows and International Law : A Framework
for Policy-Oriented Inquiry", Stanford Journal of International Law, 16, Summer
1980, pp.

Graduate And Professional Programs

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Geography: policy-oriented studies, with an emphasis on urban, environmental,
and social issues, including watershed management, port development and
planning, urban design, immigration, sustainable forestry, indigenous resource
management, and metropolitan government. History: Canadian, European, and
American history and Non-Westem history (India, China, the Canbbean, Africa).
Genres include genocide, antisemitism, and human rights; race and slavery in
the Western ...

Bulletin Of Human Rights

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Taking into account the United Nations Decade for Women, the Conference
recommends that the United Nations, the specialized agencies and in particular
the Commission on the Status of Women produce research studies and
educational ... It therefore calls upon the United Nations and urges the
developing and developed countries to undertake seriously the task to be
accomplished and to take positive steps towards the establishment of a new
international economic order as ...

Yearbook Of International Organizations 2011 2012

Author: Union of International Associations
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
ISBN: 9789004203754
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UNA-USA policy studies book series Stone, Adrian and South Research-Belgium
. 40826 A Tool for Project Management and People Driven Development (1994)
– Oxford (UK), INTRAC, 35 p. and 130 p Series. INTRAC Occasional Papers.
OPS6a, 0PS6b. Based on proceedings of an INTRAC / South Research
workshop on the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) and Objective Oriented
Intervention Planning (OOP). Parta is an overview and analysis of FLA and 00P
Part b is a set of ...