Designing Data Intensive Applications

Author: Martin Kleppmann
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Software keeps changing, but the fundamental principles remain the same. With this book, software engineers and architects will learn how to apply those ideas in practice, and how to make full use of data in modern applications.

Proceedings Workshop On Enabling Technologies Infrastructure For Collaborative Enterprises

Author: IEEE Computer Society. Technical Committee on Data Engineering
ISBN: 9780769521831
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In this paper we take a point of view of data-intensive applications, where
distribution of computations is based on distribution of data. In fact, all business ...
Responsibility, reliability, security and complexity of business applications imply
that distribution of data must be a planned phase of disciplined design processes
. In majority of cases ... The key issue behind such integration is transparency,
which means abstraction from secondary features of distributed resources. There
are many ...

Advances In Wireless Sensor Networks

Author: Ruchuan Wang
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642362524
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Link scheduling is one of the main difficulties for a large amount of data real-time
and reliable transmission in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks. To improve
multi-hop ... Because its widely applications in military and civilian, it has caused
intensive attention of governments and academia [1]. In WMSNs, media data, ...
Large amount of data make a big challenge for transport protocols(Multimedia
data has 2-3 orders of magnitude than single physical value data). How to
enhance ...


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3.3. Recommended architectures for molecular topology software In what follows,
we briefly discuss some ideas regarding the architecture of three important
classes of molecular topology applications and subsystems: processing-intensive
, data-intensive, and user interaction-centered. Processing-intensive components
and applications involve usually few data and many processing power. This is
the case when the specific processing involves the computation of molecular
topology ...

Personal Computer Magazine

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This new PCI 2.0 specification also broadened the data path to 64 bits so as to
support the Pentium. One of PCI's strengths is its ability to accommodate the most
advanced trends in PC hardware design. It is designed for use in a
multiprocessor environment, and it envisions the use of high-performance
peripherals for multimedia and other data-intensive applications. It supports
arbitrated bus mastering (the handling of interrupts on the basis of the priority of
each claimant), it has its ...


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Mirrored disks are extremely reliable, especially if only two big drives are used.
The MTTF of such subsystems ... The idea is to have enough check disks to store
the error-detecting and correcting codes to find and fix a single error. According
to the Berkeley ... For supercomputer applications, then, an array of 10 small
drives is better than mirrored large disks, since the 10 drives running in parallel
provide a data-transfer rate 10 times faster than that of a single drive. But this
architecture ...


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Unencumbered by past ideas and methods, Power Dynamics offers advanced
technology and conservative design to meet today's need for higher efficiencies
and reliability. The Model ... Call us for your application: (213) 767-9640, 875-
1012 • TWX: 910-498-4841 POWER DYNAMICS CORP. 9421 Telfair ... Storing
ASCII data The CRTCs and VDGs can accommodate either of two datastorage
and display techniques: object oriented (memory mapped) or RAM intensive. The
first ...

Electronic Design

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There will be intensive study of such factors as cooling, quality control, and
optimum circuit design. ... "It is my belief that the military customer . . . must more
promptly adopt and fully utilize ideas and improvements which are generated by
industry. ... "Virtually unknown effects of reentry shock, higher G acceleration and
a variety of vibrations on in- ertial guidance systems and engine controls in high-
performance applications have become particularly acute and complete just
within the ...