Cuff Me

Author: Lauren Layne
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ME. “Layne launches the New York's Finest contemporary romance series with
this stellar example of the genre. Ava and Luc's sparks are immediate, and the
evolution of their relationship—which starts with little common ground except a
dedication to singlehood—is stimulating and realistic. They negotiate their
professional and romantic interactions with banter that's clever but not
selfsatisfied, and their moment of truth feels warm and real. Fans of slightly gritty
contemporaries will ...

Best Life

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BEST LIFE DUNCAN QUINN British-born New York-based designer Duncan
Quinn clearly takes his style cues from the natty English gents of Jermyn Street
and Savile Row. He uses a two-piece split yoke (the shaped section at the
shoulders that connects all ... RUFUS This is a modern American dress shirt with
a slim fit. The shirts feature hidden splashes of color (courtesy of the contrasting
fabric found inside the cuffs), strategically placed darts down the back for a more
tailored fit, ...

New York Magazine

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The best of all possible things to buy, see, and do Winky & Dutch sterling- silver-
over- brass cufflinks are $65 at Charivari (all locations). Enamel-and-yellow- gold
cufflinks are $1,650 at Camilla Dietz Bergeron, Ltd. (by appointment only, 794-
9100). Fourteen-K-gold cuff links are $825 (monogram additional) at Tiffany &
Company (727 Fifth Avenue, at 57th Street, 755-8000). jean Schlumberger
enamel- and- 18K-gold cufflinks are $2,650 at Tiffany & Company. Vicky Ambery
Smith ...

New York Magazine

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BEST. BETS. The best of all possible things to buy, see, and do in this best of all
possible cities. By Nancy McKeon and Corky Pollan Back to Rattan If you can't
get to the Philippines on vacation this year, the Philippines will come to you. ...
DECORATION 886 Madison Avenue, near 72nd Street/772-3381 Due to open
April 12 The Right Cuff The craft of sculpture and the skill. 82 NEW YORK/APRIL
19, 1982 219East67St New York, NY 10021 212 570-4141. Best Bets, by Nancy

New York Magazine

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BEST. BETS. The best of all possible things to buy, see, and do in the best of all
possible cities. By Corky Pollan ... slim crossword • puzzle books into your beach
bag along with your suntan lotion, and you can stretch your mind while you tan
your hide. Jacobson has been New York's crossword puzzler for the last seven
years; now she's compiled her favorites in ... center, Andrew Garn; left, Paul
Lachenauer. Green On Me In great-grandma's day, everything had its place. by
Corky Pollan.

New York Magazine

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But as shirts toned down, cuff links evolved, and by the Deco period, animals,
minerals, and sporting motifs could be found at a man's wrist. With French cuffs
making a comeback, there's more and more interest in cuff links (and even a
book, Cuff Links, published by Abrams). For the very best ones, you could pay
many thousands of dollars. But for much less, stylish men can wear their passion,
wit, or favorite pup on their sleeve. A WHITE-GLOVED DOORMAN USHERED
ME into the ...

Biographical Dictionary Of American Sports

Author: David L. Porter
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Cuff remained with the Giants through the 1 945 season but scored only 2
touchdowns his final campaign there. Ken Strong (FB) replaced him as regular
kicker in 1944. Following the 1945 season, New York traded Cuff to the Chicago
Cardinals (NFL). Cuffs fortunes revived with Chicago in 1946, as he scored a
career-high 55 points. Chicago sent Cuff to the Green Bay Packers (NFL) in 1947
, when he combined with Ted Fritsch to give the club the best NFL kicking duo.
Cuffs toe ...

Recollections In Tranquility

Author: Richard Joseph O'Prey
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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Of course they spotted him almost immediately and took him in cuffs to the
Bathgate Avenue Station house across from St. Joseph's. Since my father was a
sergeant there, I was well familiar with the place. Russell's mother called me
complaining that neighbors saw Russell cuffed and brought into a police car, but
when she called the station house, nobody apparently knew anything about the
young man. Ever suspicious of New York's Finest, as were most of the adults in
Morrisania, ...

The New York Giants

Author: Mark Stewart
Publisher: Norwood House Press
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Gifford's noteven in the top two ... ... because in the days when everyone was a
two-way player, the Giants had two of the best in Ken Strong ( right ) and Ward
Cuff. Strong was excellent in every part of the game—from blocking to kicking to
running to passing. He retired after breaking his back in 1939, but he returned in
1944 as a kicker and helped the Giants finish in first place twice. By then, Cuff
was the star of the team. No one was tougher on offense or defense. He was one
of the ...

New York Giants

Author: Lew Freedman
Publisher: MVP Books
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WARD CUFF Running back 1937–45 It was no surprise that Ward Cuff was an all
-around threat when he played nine of his 11 NFL seasons for the Giants
between 1937 and 1947. He rushed the ball, ran back punts, and was a place
kicker ... in capable hands,” wrote Dave Klein, a sportswriter for the Newark Star-
Ledger. Wellington Mara said he and his brother took on the roles for which they
were best suited. Jack, he said, was great for the financial end of the. 40 NEW