Corporate Governance

Author: Lars Haverkamp
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
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Investors lost their trust in corporate governance techniques and the credibility of managements.

Corporate Governance And Directors Independence

Author: Yuan Zhao
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9041136045
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responsibilities and the self-discipline in respect of their behaviour.54 A system of
corporate regulation tailored to the needs of modern business should, ideally,
combine both forms of regulation and provide effective incentives to generate a
culture of compliance. Thus, the law cannot bring change merely by itself,
especially when resistance might possibly arise amongst those whom the law
intends to regulate. Certainly, the aim of codification to improve corporate
governance practice ...

Corporate Governance

Author: Saleem Sheikh
Publisher: Cavendish Publishing
ISBN: 1843142619
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18.3.2 Reforming directors' duties – towards a statutory codification Traditionally,
directors' duties have been regulated by various mechanisms, namely, the
common law duty of care and skill; fiduciary duties; statutory duties; and
regulation under the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers and the Admission of
Securities to Listing. Without doubt, the law on ... 23 On the criticisms of the 1978
Bill with Corporate Governance and Control – Self-Regulation or Statutory
Codification? 373.

Corporate Governance In Action

Author: Lars Engwall
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351977288
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They range from the creation of self-regulation to organizations that function as
intermediaries that exploit the need for global monitoring control. We will
demonstrate how this implies an articulation of governance ideas and practices
by focusing on: (1) corporate governance codes, (2) global organizations and
networks and (3) rating institutes and proxy advisory services. They represent
three types of articulation, respectively— namely, articulation through codification
, through ...

Decline Of The Corporate Community

Author: Eelke M. Heemskerk
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9789053569733
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Corporate law defines what a corporation is, its responsibilities, opportunities and
possibilities. Law is frozen politics: an outcome of political struggles between
stakeholders, and as such a codification of particular norms and values,
convictions and political trade-offs. A general distinction can be made between
the extent to which regulation is based upon rules and legislation, or upon
principles. On the one hand, rule-based corporate governance (or per se
prohibition) is firmly based ...

Corporate Governance Regulation

Author: Alice Klettner
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 131743711X
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Australia's corporate regulator, ASIC, has certainly attempted a system such as
this for listed companies with voluntary comply-or-explain disclosures backed up
by legal sanctions. Mandatory legal requirements ... It accepts that justice may
best be achieved through self-regulation by civil society and that law should
leave room for this to occur ... of regulation. In this way code recommendations
represent a codification or reinforcing of commonly used corporate governance

Sou 2004 130 Swedish Code Of Corporate Governance S Rtryck

Publisher: Norstedts Juridik AB
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Foreword This document marks the first time that a comprehensive code of
corporate governance likely to achieve general acceptance in the business
community, has been issued in Sweden. The Code is based on the Swedish
Companies Act [aktiebolagslagen (1975:1385)] and the tradition of self-
regulation, which from an international perspective, is relatively well-advanced in
a number of respects. Nevertheless, it is the opinion of the Code Group that
corporate governance in ...

The Legal And Regulatory Aspects Of Islamic Banking

Author: Abdul Karim Aldohni
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136703152
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Non-executive directors have been considered an effective method in
restructuring modern corporate governance in the UK. ... Safeguarding the
interest of shareholders has been considered a primary duty of the non-executive
directors.28 However, it has been suggested that modern corporate governance
requires widening the scope of interest that directors, ... 25 Saleem Sheikh, 'Non-
Executive Directors: Self-Regulation or Codification' (2002) 23, 10 Company
Lawyer 296.

Corporate Governance And Globalization

Author: Stephen S. Cohen
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 9781781959572
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The European Union has driven the juridification trends in Europe as
harmonization efforts and implementation of EU directives require either
replacement or codification of formerly tacit understandings and informal self-
regulation. The introduction of powerful new regulatory bodies and the expansion
of the powers wielded by extant regulatory agencies, however, cannot be
explained solely by EU integration. EU directives and legal harmonization have
not required the development ...