The Choice Theory Of Contracts

Author: Hanoch Dagan
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872, 880, 904 (1939); Robert E. Scott, The Promise and the Peril of Relational
Contract Theory, in Revisiting the Contract Scholarship of Stewart Macaulay: On
the Empirical and the Lyrical 105, 108 (Jean Braucher et al., eds., 2013). We
examined Randy Barnett, Contracts: Cases and Doctrines (5th ed. 2012), John
Dawson, et al., Contracts: Cases and Comment (10th ed. 2013), E. Allen
Farnsworth, et al., Contracts: Cases and Materials (8th ed. 2013), Tracey E.
George & Russell ...

Contracts Cases And Materials

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the case of a contract on which the [injured party] would have sustained a loss
instead of having made a profit, his restitution interest may give him a larger
recovery than would damages on either [an expectation or reliance] basis.” The
right of the injured party under a losing contract to a greater amount in restitution
than he could have recovered in damages has engendered much controversy.
The rules ...

Remedies In Construction Law

Author: Roger ter Haar
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24.26 The editors of Keating on Construction Contracts34 comment that “[i]t now
seems that the main provisions [of the Latent Damage Act] will have little effect in
construction contract cases, since the kind of damage with which it was intended
to deal is damage for which there is now no cause of action, ie damage to the
building itself and ... below, where in the case of any action for which a period of
limitation is prescribed by this Act, either – 34 10th edition at paragraph 16–034.

Volume 1 Of Inter Acct 10th Edition With Update Chapter

Author: Donald E. Kieso
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Donald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Terry D. Warfield. Case 2 Mohican Company
Presented below is the current liabilities section and related note of Mohican
Company. ... (b) Under what circumstance, if any, would it be appropriate for
Mohican Company to recognize deferred revenue on warranty contracts? (c) If
Mohican Company recognized deferred revenue ... Comment on the
appropriateness of the working capital they maintain. (b) Compute both
company's (a) current cash debt ...

Employment Litigation

Author: Susan Potter Norton
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In this case, the plaintiff claims that [he/she] had an implied-in-fact contract with
the defendant, that [he/she] [would not be terminated from [his/her] employment
except for good cause/[he/she] would be employed for a term of [insert specific
period of ... 97 F.3d 429 (10th Cir. 1996); McLean v. Hyland Enterprises, Inc., 34
P.3d 1262 (Wyo. 2001); Brooks v. Hilton Casinos, Inc., 959 F.2d 757 (9th Cir.
1992). COMMENT This instruction should be given in all cases in which any
portion of an ...

Murray On Contracts

Author: John Edward Murray Jr.
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383 (1915); SELECTED READINGS ON CONTRACTs 491 (1931); FIRsT
REsTATEMENT § 84(d), approved in Willard v. Hobby, 134 F. Supp. 66 (D. Pa.
1955). 384 REsTATEMENT 2d § 73 comment d. Cases supporting the First
Restatement View include Perry M. Alexander Constr. Co. v. Burbank, 83 N.C.
App. 503, 350 S.E.2d 877 (1986) (promise to third party to perform demolition
where the demolition duty was already owed to another — applying FIRsT
RESTATEMENT § 84(d)); ...

Contracts Cases And Materials

Author: Friedrich Kessler
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It appears from the record in the principal case that the building involved in the
litigation was a 19-story apartment house in lower Manhattan which ultimately, as
one of the casualties of the Great Depression, was left unfinished. See Dawson
and Harvey, ... Jones, Farnsworth and Young, Cases and Materials on Contracts
(1965), comment at 734 that "many decisions in service cases give evidence that
the courts are reluctant to believe" that the sub takes the risk. In Thos. J. Dyer Co.

200 Contractual Problems And Their Solutions

Author: J. Roger Knowles
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... in the unreported case of Whittall Builders Company Limited v. Chester-le-
Street District Council. Furthermore, in Hudson's Building Contracts, at page 599
of the 10th edition, a simple formula is set out to determine the amount of the loss
of funding of overheads and profit during the period of overrun. The contractor
unfortunately had not calculated his head office overhead claim using the
Hudson formula, but one of his own invention. This led Sir William to comment:
However, ...


Author: Randy E. Barnett
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As part of this consideration, we believe that the interested parties should have
an opportunity to comment on any changes. At no time prior to the passage of the
Oceans Act of 1992 was ... Section 309 reinstates the Supreme Court decision in
the Shute case as the applicable law for interpreting forum selection clauses. Id. *
Howard H. Kestin (1937-†). A New Jersey native, ... Pennwalt Corp., 741 F.2d
1569, 1578 (10th Cir. 1984). 38. As Judge Engel has written: Usually, these
standard ...