An Introduction To International Investment Law

Author: David Collins
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 131686748X
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The Law of ...

The Political Economy Of The Investment Treaty Regime

Author: Jonathan Bonnitcha
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019871954X
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Indirect Expropriation In International Law

Author: Sebastián López Escarcena
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1782544119
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Sabahi, B, Compensation and Restitution in InvestorState Arbitration: Principles
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Principles Of International Economic Law

Author: Matthias Herdegen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199579865
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Some critics fear that environmental protection may be seriously undermined by
investment protection and the risk of compensation obligations.31 Recent treaty
practice responds to these concerns.32 The range of assets that may be ... rise to
State responsibility if the host State acted in a discriminatory or arbitrary manner.
33 (c) Unlawful expropriation and restitution Expropriations of foreign assets
which as such (ie independent of the issue of compensation) violate international
law, ...

Proportionality In Investor State Arbitration

Author: Gebhard Bücheler
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191036331
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It is, therefore, safe to assume that a successful plea of necessity will entail a
larger amount of compensation than reliance on NPM clauses, which may relieve
States from paying any damages.254 There are certain similarities between acts
... at Chorzów case are applicable in investorState arbitration.256 The PCIJ held
that: The essential principle contained in the actual notion of an illegal act—a
principle which seems to be established by international practice and in
particular by ...

Permanent Sovereignty Over Natural Resources In International Law

Author: Kamal Hossain
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principle and practice Kamal Hossain, Subrata Roy Chowdhury. International
Chamber of Commerce (cont.) information on investment treaties 121 president
as arbitrator 1 19 International Court of Justice 65, 119-20, 148 arbitration awards
; Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. 20; Barcelona Traction Case 12, 60; North Sea
Continental Shelf 61-2, 79, 83, 85; Reparations for injuries suffered in the service
of the UN 148, 157; Texaco/Libya 96, 151-2 general principles of law recognized
by civilized ...

International Economic Law

Author: Ignaz Seidl-Hohenveldern
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
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discounted cash flow 145 excess profits 29, 146 going concern 145 insurance
value 145 legitimate expectations 146, 149 lucrum cessans 145 lump sum
compensation treaties 147-148 market value 144 reparations for colonial
exploitation 29, ... 170 Contract adjudication of disputes 152 arbitration clause
152 clausula rebus sic stantibus, see there contrat administratif 151 general
principles of law governing- 1 50 illegal 129 inter-State- 47, 49 international law
governing- 46, 47, 100, ...

The Moscow Conference On Law And Bilateral Economic Relations

Author: Homer E. Moyer
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Foreigners will want to have public international law substantive principles
familiar to them applicable (e.g., prompt, adequate and effective compensation;
see 5.5 below) without having to “exhaust"remedies in local courts or arbitral
tribunals, a normal requirement of public intemational law, before the home state
of the investor “espouses,“ that is to say exercises formal diplomatic protection
with respect to a claim of interference with the investment of its national. Under
usual principles ...