Chinese Immigration Law

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China Immigration Policy Laws And Regulations Handbook Strategic Information And Basic Laws

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Moreover, the increasing numbers of the international population are a great
challenge for the current Chinese immigration policies and laws. On the one
hand, China has little experience with immigration and has no special law
regulating transnational migrants. The Rules for Foreigner Administration, which
have long focused on entry and exit procedures for short-term visitors, is
ineffective for addressing the increasing long-term or even permanent
transnational migrants ...

Encyclopedia Of Immigration And Migration In The American West

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responsibility to enforce U.S. immigration laws. Unfortunately, it only had 28
employees, tasked not only with keeping out the thousands of Chinese
attempting to immigrate by the many subterfuges mentioned above, but also to
screen the millions of European immigrants for the social undesirables also
legally excludable, such as lunatics and criminals. The new bureau did begin to
make itself felt with Chinese immigration and proved successful in court. During
the period 1893–1894, ...

Making Migration Law

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This included immigration. As such, restrictive migration laws became a. 49
Karatani, above n 41, 56. For discussions of how this took place in the United
States, see, eg, Lindsay, above n 3; McKeown, above n 3; Lucy E Salyer, Laws
Harsh as Tigers: Chinese Immigrations and the Shaping of Modern Immigration
Law (University of North Carolina Press, 1995); Kathryn Cronin, 'A Culture of
Control: An Overview of Immigration Policy Making' in James Jupp and Marie
Kabala (eds), The ...

The Right To Leave And Return And Chinese Migration Law

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The notions of 'RLR'and 'Chinese migration law'have only a very short history in
China; the terms are mainly used by Chinese scholars.3 There are no recorded
attempts to precisely stipulate RLR and draw up a distinct code governing ...
Dang, the Guide to the Law of Exit and Entry in China and Foreign Countries (
Zhongwai Churujing Falv Zhinan) (Beijing: the Publishing House of China
University of People's Public Security, 1998), 1; Wong, Li, International
Immigration Law and the ...

Immigration Emigration And Migration

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See Judith Resnik, “Foreign as Domestic Affairs: Rethinking Horizontal
Federalism and Foreign Affairs Preemption in Light of Translocal Internationalism
,” Emory Law Journal 57 (2007): 31. ... Erika Lee, “The Chinese Exclusion
Example: Race, Immigration, and American Gatekeeping, 1882–1924,” Journal
of American Ethnic History 21 (2002): 36; Judith Resnik, “Law's Migration,” Yale
Law Journal 115 (2006): 1564, 1599–600 (discussing state barriers to
landownership and licenses ...

Security Relations Between China And The European Union

Author: Emil J. Kirchner
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“Shifting Up and Out: The Foreign Policy of European Immigration Control,” West
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. Leiden: ...

Migration And Refugee Law In Australia

Author: Mirko Bagaric
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were required to pay a head tax of £10 on every Chinese immigrant landing at a
Victorian port. The Chinese Act 1881 provided that a Chinese immigrant had no
legal right to land in the colony until a sum of £10 had been paid for him. In
Musgrove v Chun Teeong Toy,8 the plaintiff, who was a subject of the Emperor of
China, arrived on board a British ship, TheAfghan. The boat wascarrying
268Chinese immigrants, which was 254 more immigrants than such a vessel
could lawfully ...

Chinese Student Migration And Selective Citizenship

Author: Lisong Liu
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This was “an important move that introduced into immigration policy the idea that
American economic preferences should determine the selection of immigrants.”8
In 1952, the McCarran–Walter Act replaced the Immigration Act of 1917 as the
nation's foundational immigration law. It retained the national origins quota
system established in 1924 but eliminated the race-based immigration and
naturalization principle. The law required that the first preference (at least one
half of each ...

International Migration Law

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Four years after the repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act in the United States, the
Canadian Parliament repealed its Chinese Immigration Act.163 Under Canada's
Immigration Act of 1952 the Governor-General retained the power to make
regulations prohibiting or limiting the admission of persons by reason of ethnic
group, geographical area of origin, peculiar customs, habits, modes of life or
methods of holding property and probable inability to become assimilated . 164
As a matter of ...