Implementation And Application Of Functional Languages

Author: Ralf Hinze
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642415822
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Embedded languages in Haskell benefit from a range of type extensions, such as
type families, that are subsumed by dependent types. However, even with those
type extensions, embedded languages for data parallel programming lack
desirable static guarantees, such as static bounds checks in indexing and
collective permutation operations. This observation raises the question whether
an embedded language for data parallel programming would benefit from fully-
fledged ...

Implementing Certified Programming Language Tools In Dependent Type Theory

Author: Adam James Chlipala
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Adam James Chlipala. Abstract Implementing Certified Programming Language
Tools in Dependent Type Theory by Adam James Chlipala Doctor of Philosophy
in Computer Science University of California, Berkeley Professor George C.
Necula, Chair I present two case studies supporting the assertion that type-based
methods enable effective certified programming. By certified programming, I
mean the development of software with formal, machine-checked total
correctness proofs.

Programming Languages

Author: Fernando Magno Quintao Pereira
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319118633
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Case. of. (Quite). Painless. Dependently. Typed. Programming: Fully. Certified.
Merge. Sort. in. Agda. Ernesto Copello, Álvaro Tasistro, and Bruno Bianchi
Universidad ORT Uruguay {copello ... We present a full certification of merge sort
in the language Agda. It features: termination warrant without ... Dependent type
systems, in particular, make it possible to declare functional specifications in full
detail, so that type checking entails actual logical correctness of the code. In other
words ...

Dissertation Abstracts International

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Implementing certified programming language tools in dependent type theory.
Chlipala, Adam James, Ph.D., University of California. Berkeley, 2007. 241pp.
ISBN: 978-0-549-61122-6. Adviser: George C. Necula Order Number
DA3311660 I present two case studies supporting the assertion that type-based
methods enable effective certified programming. By certified programming, I
mean the development of software with formal, machine-checked total
correctness proofs. While the ...

Association For Computing Machinery Special Interest Group On Programming Languages Notices

Author: Peter Marwedel
ISBN: 9781581134506
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Burstall and McKinna [7] proposed the notion of deliverables, which is essentially
the same as our notion of certified binaries. They use dependent strong sums to
model each deliverable and give its categorical semantics. Their work does not
support programs with effects and has all the problems mentioned in Section 2.3.
Xi and Pfenning's DML [44] is the first language that nicely combines dependent
types with programs that may involve effects. Our ideas of using singleton types ...

Interactive Theorem Proving And Program Development

Author: Yves Bertot
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 366207964X
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To describe programs, inductive types provide ways to document programs and
to verify the consistency of the documentation. This represents a giant leap with
respect to the types given in conventional programming languages. We will have
enough tools to build certified programs, programs whose type specifies exactly
the behavior. In Sect. 6.6.2, we saw that a dependent type with one argument
could be empty or not depending on the value of this argument. The Curry—
Howard ...

Verified Software Theorie Tools Experiments

Author: Ernie Cohen
Publisher: Springer
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Certified. Correctness. for. Higher-Order. Stateful. Programs. Nikhil Swamy
Microsoft Research Abstract. Abstract: F* is an ML-like programming language
being developed at Microsoft Research. It has a type system based on
dependent types and a typechecker that makes use of an SMT solver to
discharge proof obligations. The type system is expressive enough to express
functional correctness properties of typical, higher-order stateful programs. We
have used F* in a variety of ...

Acm Sigplan Notices

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A Monthly Publication of the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages.
Appel graph coloring) that is not proved correct in Coq. but whose results are
checked a posteriori by a verifier certified in Coq. In retrospect, we should have
followed this verification approach for other algorithms, ... However, our functional
specifications of the compiler were written without dependent types, in pedestrian
ML style. The delicate aspects of extraction were therefore not exercised. The
only ...