Catalytic Arylation Methods

Author: Anthony J. Burke
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527335188
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Due to its emphasis on efficient, "green" methods and industrial applications of the products concerned, this interdisciplinary text will be essential reading for synthetic chemists in both academia and industry, especially in medicinal and ...

Modern Arylation Methods

Author: Lutz Ackermann
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527627332
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Arylations. of. Nonactivated. Alkyl. (Pseudo)Halides. via. Cross-Coupling.
Reactions. 5. Masaharu Nakamura and Shingo ... The obvious advantages of
these catalytic arylation methods are: (i) the control of regioselectivities; (ii) the
use of mild ...

Iodine Chemistry And Applications

Author: Tatsuo Kaiho
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118878655
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Although catalytic reactions involving low-valent palladiums (pd(0) and pd(II)) as
catalytic intermediates are ubiquitous ... The palladium-catalyzed C−H activation/
arylation methods using diaryliodonium salts have also been applied to ortho ...

Science Of Synthesis Cross Coupling And Heck Type Reactions Vol 3

Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag
ISBN: 313179111X
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Currently, the best method to achieve regiocontrol in the synthesis of biaryls by
regiocontrolled CH arylation involves reactions ... for the formation of biaryl C—C
bonds (e.g., in biaryls 9) via CH arylation are mediated by palladium catalysts.


Author: Gerhard Lüdtke
ISBN: 9783598236297
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S: Metal-Catalyzed Direct Arylation (Modem Arylation Methods) 08; Sustainable
Ruthenium-Catalyzed Direct Arylations ... Oxides as Prcligands (Trivalent
Phosphorus Compounds in Asymmetric Catalysis, Synthesis and Applications)

Theilheimer S Synthetic Methods Of Organic Chemistry

Author: Gillian Tozer-Hotchkiss
ISBN: 9783805593908
Size: 50.83 MB
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2009, 42 (8), 1074-86; chelation-assisted arylation via C-H bond cleavage, L.
Ackermann, Top. Organomet. Chem. 2008, 24, 35-60; catalytic arylation and
vinylation reactions directed by anionic oxygen functions via cleavage of C-H and
C-C ...

Dissertation Abstracts International

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In the fifth chapter, we present a new reaction consisting of the direct arylation of
JV-iminopyridinium ylides. We also .... azoles and aryl bromide coupling partners
are not compatible with alternate direct arylation methods using Pd(0) catalysts.