Cartwright S Cavaliers

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Jim Cartwright just learned his mother bankrupted his family's company before disappearing, robbing him of his birthright.

The Making Of The English Literary Canon

Author: Trevor Ross
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The Cartwright collection was one of several tributes to minor figures, like the
earlier elegies to Lord Hastings in Lachrymae Musarum (1649), that functioned
as thinly disguised laments for the English crown and as opportunities for the
Cavaliers to use elegiac conventions for political subversion.'4 In several verses,
Cartwright's untimely death is paralleled with the king's, giving ideological point,
in Alexander Brome's version, to the familiar consolatio of immortality: "So 'tis
decreed, ...

The King And The Commons Cavalier And Puritan Song Selected And Arranged By

Author: Henry MORLEY (Professor of English Literature at University College, London.)
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by Mr. William Cartwright, late Student of Christ Church in Oxford, and Proctor of
the University. The Airs and Songs set by Mr. Henry Lawes." There is in this book
a touching portrait of young Cartwright, evidently a true likeness, with two rows of
books over his head, and his elbow upon the open volume of Aristotle's
metaphysics. He rests on his ... given in these pages, as burlesque pendant to
the lullaby of Cartwright's is from Randolph's “Jealous Lovers," and the dainty
fairy jingle at p.

The Discontented Cavalier

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Which moving in the story that you told, Infus'd new heat into a brain grown cold.
47 In the verse "Dedication" of The Siege to the "King's Most Excellent Majesty,"
William Cartwright claimed that the work owed its existence to the king: the "first
Draught of this Trifle was so ill" that the author had destined it for the "Spunge" or
the "Flame," but Charles had perused the manuscript — perhaps during his visit
to Oxford in 1636, when he and Henrietta Maria had been pleased by
Cartwright's ...

Major Women Writers Of Seventeenth Century England

Author: James Fitzmaurice
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3. Philips employs the Cavalier theme of contrasting true friendship with a
troubled society, allowing one to weather the political storm. i. William Cartwright,
the royalist poet and playwright, died of camp fever during the siege of Oxford in
1643 when Orinda was only eleven years old. Philips was familiar with and
influenced by Cartwright's works and political sympathies. This poem, the first of
Philips's works to appear in print, was included in the 1651 memorial edition of
Cartwright's ...

Fascinating Mathematical People

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Cartwright: I am descended from the Cartwrights of Aynho in Northamptonshire.
Richard Cartwright purchased the manor house and its grounds in 1616. His son
John, who married the daughter of the attorney general to Charles I, remained a
Roundhead and stayed in London during the Civil War. During the War the
Aynho Park manor house was occupied by Cavalier soldiers, and John's mother
was imprisoned in Banbury. John's only son William married Ursula, daughter of

Plays And Poems

Author: William Cartwright
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Cartwright's exact position among his contemporaries cannot be too dogmatically
decided. To make him, as Mr. Goffin seems to wish,3 a member of the
metaphysical school is, I believe, to set the emphasis in the wrong place. And it is
worth observing perhaps that Sir Herbert Grierson includes nothing of
Cartwright's verse in his Metaphysical Lyrics and Poems of the Seventeenth
Century (1911). Mr. P. W. Souers speaks of Cartwright as a leader among the
Cavalier poets.4 This ...

Peter Cartwright Legendary Frontier Preacher

Author: Robert Bray
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Cartwright's concise account is misleading in one important respect: it implies
that Allen was being arrested for “criminal conversation” at the time he shot the
marshal. In fact the shooting occurred more than two years after the “seduction”
and ... Those who would not forget his past agreed with a shrug that, Logan
County being what it was at the turn of the nineteenth century, criminal cavaliers
were better than none at all. It is easy to imagine Peter Sr., for instance, making
just such an ...

English Lyrical Poetry

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His love poems, of which the Resolve is the best, adopt the attitude of Suckling,
for Brome imitates him freely. He is indeed the laureate of wine ; he sings the
praises of claret and canary, sack and ale in no uncertain tones ; and even in his
Royalist lyrics he seems ready to lay aside the sword for the bottle. The Cavalier
in prison consoles himself readily: i Cartwright's best poem, Valediction, is not
included in the Oxford Book of English Verse which prints King's touching elegy
upon his ...

The Scarlatti Inheritance

Author: Robert Ludlum
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He, Jefferson Cartwright, was the most cavalier of Virginia Cavaliers! These
Northern pricks with their highfallutin condescending ... Two or three suddenly
found that the boorish Jefferson Cartwright had qualities that they had not noticed
before. Indeed, not a bad chap, if you came to think about it. ... offices and their
telephones. The communications network was activated and the startling news of
Cartwright's coup with the Scarwyck Foundation was spread. One particular
gentleman ...