California Public Sector Employment Law

Author: Bruce Barsook
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Although issues that apply to the private sector are covered, the emphasis in this book is on the unique issues that affect the public sector.

California Labor Employment Law Quarterly

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The Only Source You Need for the Essentials of California Public Employment
Law Public ; ยง8 California Public Sector Labor Relations is the only resource that
comprehensively delivers the information you need to tackle public sector labor
relations issues with confidence. This handy volume covers detailed information
on collective bargaining and organizational rights of public employees, a public
employer's duty to bargain, the rights and duties of public employee unions, and

Collective Bargaining In The Public Sector

Author: Joyce M. Najita
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That, in turn, results in a better-developed body of law and better-informed
employers and employee organizations. In the 1980s, after the California
legislature enacted collective bargaining laws covering public schools, state, and
higher education employees, public sector unions representing local government
employees launched efforts to get the legislature to repeal the MMBA and enact a
new collective bargaining law moving local government agencies under the
jurisdiction of ...

Cper California Public Employee Relations

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Free Speech Rights of Public Sector Employees Marianne Reinhold Marianne
Reinhold is an attorney with the law firm of Reich, Adell, Crost & Cvitan, in Los
Angeles. She exclusively represents labor unions, primarily education and other
professional employee unions in the public sector. Reinhold is the immediate
past president of the Orange County Industrial Relations Research Association.
For this article, the author would like to gratefully acknowledge the assistance of
Lauren ...

California Employment Law

Author: William J. Emanuel
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Other state laws, although preempted, remain on the books and apply only to
those relatively few private sector employers that are not subject to either the
National Labor Relations Act or the Railway Labor Act. The labor relations of
public sector employers is regulated extensively by state law in California.
However, consistent with the overall scope of this book, public sector
employment is not discussed here. B. Yellow Dog Contracts If an employee or
prospective employee agrees ...

Annual Report

Author: University of California, Berkeley. Institute of Industrial Relations
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University of California, Berkeley. Institute of Industrial Relations. 'tr Last year,
CPER increased the size and scope of its magazine, and added a new feature
that highlights prominent members of the public sector labor relations community
CPER also added a seventh title to its Easy Reference Pocket Guide Series:
Pocket Guide to the Ralph C. Dills Act, which concerns the collective bargaining
rights of state employees. In the coming year, CPER will publish the Pocket
Guide to the ...

The Martindale Hubbell Law Directory

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Early Neutral E valuator U.S. District Court, Northern District of California. Adjunct
Professor, University of Santa Clara School of Law. Member: Bar Association of
San Francisco (Member, Executive Committee of the Labor and Employment Law
Section); Alameda County Bar Association. PRACTICE AREAS: Labor and
Employment; Collective Bargaining; Public Sector Employment Law; Public
Sector Labor Relations; Labor Arbitration; Employment Disability Discrimination;

California School Law

Author: Frank Kemerer
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Unionization has become a way of life in American public education. Today, most
states either have such ... California's meet and confer legislation gave way in
1975 to the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA), also known as the
Rhodda Act. With the legal framework in place, unionization progressed rapidly.
Today, nearly all of ... EERA, like other public sector collective bargaining laws, is
modeled on the federal National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The NLRA
provides full ...

Collision Course

Author: Joseph A. McCartin
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As the movement to organize and extend union rights to public employees
gathered momentum, Reagan's California responded in ways similar to the rest
of the nation. As governor, Reagan signed the MeyersMiliasBrown Act in 1968,
which cleared the way for local governments in California to bargain collectively
with their employees. Like almost all the ... As public sector labor militancy rose in
California, Reagan did not react more harshly than the other figures of his time.
More than ...