Cajal On The Cerebral Cortex

Author: Santiago Ramón y Cajal
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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The first English-language publication of the complete works of the great Spanish neurohistologist, Santiago Ramon y Cajal, on the cerebral cortex.

Texture Of The Nervous System Of Man And The Vertebrates

Author: Santiago R.y Cajal
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3709164354
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... spinal cord (Golgi, Cajal, Lenhossék, Van Gehuchten, Kölliker, Retzius, etc.).
Weshall study laterinmore detailthe phenomenon ofavalanche when dealing
withthe dynamic interpretation ofthecerebral cortical structure.It is necessary,
however, nottoexaggerate theextent of the avalanche, because theunit of
sensationnever reachessuch a diffusion asto make it impossible the localization
of sensory images in defined regions of the cerebral cortex. Footnotes extremely
small numbers?;

Cajal S Neuronal Forest

Author: Javier DeFelipe
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190842830
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This book is a gem in any library, whether serving as a medical history or a gallery of stunning sketches.

Perceptual Neuroscience

Author: Vernon B. Mountcastle
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674661882
Size: 41.10 MB
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This monumental work by one of the world's greatest living neuroscientists does nothing short of creating a new subdiscipline in the field: perceptual neuroscience.

The Major Discoveries Of Cajal And His Disciples Consolidated Milestones For The Neuroscience Of The Xxist Century

Author: Fernando de Castro
Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
ISBN: 288945066X
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Cajal on the Cerebral Cortex. An Annotated Translation of the Complete Writings.
New York: Oxford University Press. DeFelipe, J., and Jones, E. G. (1992).
Santiago Ramon y Cajal and methods in neurohistology. Trends Neurosci. 15,
237–246. doi:10.1016/0166-2236(92) 90057-F del Rio, J. A., Martinez, A.,
Fonseca, M., Auladell, C., and Soriano, E. (1995). Glutamate-like
immunoreactivity and fate of Cajal-Retzius cells in the murine cortex as identified
with calretinin antibody. Cereb.

Cajal S Degeneration And Regeneration Of The Nervous System

Author: Santiago Ramón y Cajal
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195065166
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The final part of volume II occupies more than 100 pages and is devoted to the
responses of the cerebral cortex to traumatic and infective insults. These chapters
derive in large part from a series of papers published in 1910 and 1911 (Cajal
1910e, 1911b,c,d). In them, a modern reader will find much of interest. Cajal
observes that the cerebral cortex is far more responsive in terms of its capacity for
the display of regenerative phenomena than the cerebellar cortex but less
reactive than ...

The Mammalian Cochlear Nuclei

Author: Miguel A. Merchán
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461529328
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Lorente de Nó, R., 1922a, Contribución al conocimiento del nervio trigémino, in: "
Libro en Honor de D. S. Ramón y Cajal. Trabajos originales de sus admiradores
y discipulos, extranjeros y nacionales." Junta para el Homenaje a Cajal, Vol. 2,
Jiménez y Molina, ed., Madrid. Lorente de Nó, R., 1922b, La corteza cerebral del
ratón. (Primera contribución.- La corteza acuistica), Trab. Lab. Invest. Biol. Univ.
Madrid, 20:41. Translated into English, as: The cerebral cortex of the mouse. (A
first ...

Clinical Neuroanatomy

Author: Richard S. Snell
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9780781794275
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To describe the basic structure and functional localization of the highly complex
cerebral cortex The cerebral cortex is the highest level of the central nervous
system and always functions in association with the lower centers. The cerebral
cortex receives vast amounts of information and ... in the cerebral cortex: (1)
pyramidal cells, (2) stellate cells, (3) fusiform cells, (4) horizontal cells of Cajal,
and (5) cells of Martinotti (Fig. 8-1). Nerve Cells of the Cerebral Cortex The
pyramidal cells are ...