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Traces the history of the Cadillac brand, from its inception in 1902 to the latest concept cars.


Author: Assouline
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Cadillac takes readers on a visual journey through all the decades of its history. Here are presidents and Hollywood stars, closed-body cars and concept cars, the classic and the cutting-edge.

Popular Mechanics

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—Don Chaikin Mercedes-Benz E420 Germany is more than just the birthplace of
our Cadillac Catera. According to recorded history, it is the birthplace of the
automobile itself, thanks to Karl Benz and his 1886 PatentMotorwagen. And now,
more than 110 years after the first car, there's still an aura surrounding any model
bearing the famous 3-pointed star. And any time we've included a Mercedes-
Benz in a group test, we've all come away suitably impressed with Stuttgart's
entry (see ...


Author: Angelo Van Bogart
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Wheelbases on the touring car, demi- tonneau, roadster (now called a
Gentleman's Roadster), and a revived closed coupe were all up to 110 inches,
four inches more than the 106-inch wheelbase found on the 1909 Model Thirty.
Curiously, 150 new $2,200 Osceola-style coupe bodies were ordered by Henry
Leland from the two-year-old Fisher Body Company of Detroit, marking the start
of a relationship between General Motors and the Fisher brothers' young shop.
After a one-year ...

The Cadillac Diet

Author: M. Lewis
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If it weren't for the strict historical protection laws and the huge state run
beachfront park; those disgustingly ugly condom-minimums would be marching
straight up to and over the 400-year-old fort that overlooks Serapis Bay. Never
say the ... too commonly used. For another, what the hell did they mean 'direct
your call?' “Hi, this is Michael Wade for TG Baker, please.” “Just a moment and I'll
connect you.” A voice, sounding much like Bakers, answers in the room. 110 The
Cadillac Diet.

The Cadillac Story

Author: Thomas E. Bonsall
Publisher: Stanford University Press
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The Postwar Years Thomas E. Bonsall. TROUBLE BREWS around the fender to
house the cornering lamps. These were standard on all models, including the
Eldorados. The most striking feature of the new Eldo- rados, however, was the
reversion to full-wheel cut-outs on the rear quarter panels. While industry sales
struggled, remaining at their lowest level since 1964, Cadillac production
continued its post-embargo resurgence and reached 264,731 units. Eldorado
production rose to ...

The Immigrants Daughter

Author: Rexino Mondo
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Oh the Cadillac was trashed on. He'd drive the Cadillac 110 miles an hour. He
would run it out of gas two and three times a night. Oh, yeah, he'd call up from
pay phones; he would threaten to kill us if we didn't pick him up. He would come
in the ... “You know, and then when my boyfriend was living there, you know, the
Ryan I was with for four years that lived in our house [Mindy's first sexual
encounter, forced on her, was with a guy, also named Ryan, impregnated her at
age nine and ...

110 Years Of Temple Beth El Detroit 1850 1960

Author: Irving Isaac Katz
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For one year; Rabbi Gerechter served in a similar capacity during the ministry of
Dr. Wintner. Originally Beth El was founded as an Orthodox congregation. The
first Rabbi, Samuel Marcus, fulfilled the functions of teacher, cantor, Dr. Adler ...
Jefferson Avenue, and in a rented hall over a drugstore on Michigan Grand
Avenue (now Cadillac Square). In 1861, the Congregation purchased for
$3,500.00 the French Methodist Episcopal Church on Rivard Street, and on
Friday afternoon, ...

Global Engineering

Author: Carlos Acosta
Publisher: CRC Press
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Automobile production internationalization, 95–96, 99–100 Automotive parts
production, see MEPO case Autonomous maintenance (AM) early years, 82–84
fundamentals, 81–82, 90 starting over, 84–85 Awareness, 16 Azteca Plant, see
American Automobile Components (AAC) case B “Banana Time,” 212 Bangalore,
28 Beetle, 110, 175 Behavior, 68 Beliefs, 28 Bentley, 96, 110 Best Operation
Practice, 16–17 Biomedex case, 5, 6 Blame games, 194 BMW facilities global
automotive ...

Natchez Country

Author: George Edward Milne
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820347507
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... 397–450; Francis Parkman La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West (1869
; Boston: Little, Brown, 1902), 304; Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain], Life on the
Mississippi (1874; New York: Harper Brothers, 1901), 13; Alcée Fortier, A History
of Louisiana 1:57–63, 100–102, 110–15. 9. Jean Delanglez, “Cadillac's Early
Years in America,” Mid-America 12, no. 1 (1944); “Antoine Laumet alias Cadillac,
Commandant at Michilimackinac: 1694–1697 (Continued),” Mid-America 16, no.