Monastische Kultur Als Transkonfessionelles Ph Nomen

Author: Ludwig Steindorff
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A comparison between Western European Catholic monasteries and Russian Orthodox monasteries during the late Middle Ages and Early Modern period reveals their common roots in the Western and Eastern monastic traditions as well as ...

Das Soziale System Stiftung

Author: Michael Borgolte
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110417766
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Stiftungen sind ein universales Phänomen entwickelter Gesellschaften von Babylon und Ägypten bis zur Gegenwart.

Encyclopedia International

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BYZANTINE EMPIRE were routed by Constantine IV, who made effective use of
the famous Greek fire. ... The dynasty that Basil established (the Macedonian
Dynasty, 867-1056) was responsible for the most brilliant period in the history of
the Empire. Led by ... The two sections were reunited under Constantine I. In 330
he moved the imperial capital from Rome to a new city, Constantinople, built on
the site of ... One of the greatest heritages of the Byzantine Empire is in the field of

The Mckay One Volume International Encyclopedia

Author: Edith M. Horsley
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Macedonian dynasty (8671056) the B.E. reached the height of its prosperity; the
Bulgars proved a ... The B.E. rendered great services to civilization, as the
guardian of Greek culture and Roman law during the Dark Ages, ... In the Roman
system the numeral C stands for a hundred; C. is also used for 'Celsius', formerly
called 'Centigrade' in ...

Encycopedia Britannica

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886), Byzantine emperor from 867 to 886, founder of the Macedonian dynasty
which lasted till 1056, was of peasant origin and ... this was the Basilica (q.v.), a
collection of 60 books in Greek, which formed the basis of the medieval
Byzantine legal system. ... the pope also had been drawn in, and for a time
relations between Rome and Constantinople had been broken off. ... He was a
ruthless general and a great statesman, but without the usual Byzantine interest
in learning or culture.

Der Philosoph Als Autodidakt

Author: Abu Bakr Ibn Tufail
Publisher: Meiner Verlag
ISBN: 3787319301
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Ziel dieses philosophisch-allegorischen Inselromans des arabisch-andalusischen Denkers Ibn Tufail ist die Verteidigung der Philosophie als rationale Form der Erkenntnis.

Sport As A Form Of Human Fulfillment

Author: Robert G. Osterhoudt
Publisher: Trafford on Demand Pub
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1056-1105) waged largely successful disputes with the Saxons and with the
Papacy. ... After codifying Roman law in Byzantium (529) and ending formal
conflict with the neo-Persian Sassanid Empire in lran (532), Justinian l/Justinian
the ...