Mixed Harvest

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64 While most early anti-mail-order cartoons were probably local products of
varying degrees of artistry, they, too, began to be produced professionally and
distributed from the big cities. By 1916, newspapers throughout the upper
Midwest and West began running a series of anti-mail-order cartoons featuring
Buster Brown and his dog, Tige, drawn by the creator of the famous character
and one of the originators of newspaper comics, R. F. Outcault. Buster Brown was
already familiar to ...

The A To Z Of Old Time Radio

Author: Robert C. Reinehr
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He later acted on many other radio programs, including Big Town, The
Cavalcade of America, Columbia Presents Corwin, The Fred Allen Show, Town
Hall Tonight, and Theatre Guild on the Air. Smart also starred in The Fat Man, a
1951 movie based on the radio show. SMILIN' ED'S BUSTER BROWN GANG. A
30-minute Saturday morning program for children heard from 1944 to 1953, this
program was sponsored by Buster Brown Shoes and is sometimes confused with
an earlier ...

Boys Life

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Exciting true-to-life adventures \Thoroughbred Mutt of famous men and women /r
~ t- a* *> o^\ (Continued from page 21) said cordially. "We'll put your dogs up.
And we're mighty happy to have company for Christmas dinner. I'm Lance
Crawford, this is .... Ask for Buster Brown by name BUSTER BROWN OFFICIAL
BOY SCOUT SHOFS A Pr Brown Shoe Company, Manufacturers, St. Louis Tune
in to Smilin' Ed McConnell and his Buster Brown Gang on TV or Radio- Saturday

Boys Life

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NEW YORK You will receive six beautiful, post card size, natural color pictures of
major league players 1953 World Champs with Signatures, made by Louis
Dormand, one of America's famous color photographers. Frame for your Den —
use for .... keep you at your best; too. So here's a Merry Christmas to you . . . and
remember, when you bag that new pair of Buster Brown Official Boy Scout Shoes
under the tree, you'll really be starting the new Scouting year out right, ready and

Great American Brands

Author: David Powers Cleary
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Undaunted, Bush went a step beyond the others and hired a midget to tour the
country and appear — complete with Lord Fauntleroy suit, Dutch boy wig, and
trained dog — in department stores, shoe stores, and rented theaters. In time,
there would be a succession of six Buster Brown midgets — and four-foot, two-
inch Ed Ansley, the most famous one of all, would devote twenty-eight years of
his life to traveling fifty thousand miles a year, ultimately visiting every county in
the United ...

Buster Brown S Autobiography

Author: Richard Felton Outcault
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He and the poodle eyed each other, and finally walked up to each other and
exchanged a few polite greetings in dog talk. I'll bet there were no dogs at the
Tower of ... She had decided to take me down town and have my picture taken,
and she was waiting for us to return. NOW I never knew how much you ... She did
n't intend to have Tige's picture taken, but decided after we got there that it would
look cunning to have us together, as we were such good friends. Besides a little
boy and ...

Buster Brown

Author: Richard Felton Outcault
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The most widely publicized of these was Buster Brown Shoes, which were
advertised throughout the land with a traveling show featuring a dog like Tige
and a real-life “Buster Brown," who might be a boy recruited for the occasion, but
was usually a ... Buster Breton continued to show for a few more years, but the
shoe performance was still going strong in the 1920s, particularly in American
small towns, where stores handling the Buster Brown Shoe line sponsored its
appearance on ...

Brands And Their Companies

Author: Linda D. Hall
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The Best for Last - Desserts - Lawler Foods Inc. Best Friend - Soap - Brookside
Soap Inc. Best Friend - Veterinary nutritional supplements - Armerstrong-Emmett
Company Inc. Best Friend Pet Tags - Pet products - Saleo Enterprises Best
Friend Treats - Pet food - National By-Products Inc. Best Friends - Apparel —
children's - Buster Brown Apparel Inc. Best Friends - Bags — duffel - Best Friends
Foundation Best Friends - Greeting cards - Recycled Paper Products Inc. Best
Friends ...

Boot And Shoe Recorder

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Buster Brown at Gimbel's Buster Brown and his dog Tige were attractions at the
children's shoe department in Gimbel Brothers during the first three days this
week, March 21. 22 and 23. ... About 20 styles were shown at the John H. Cross
Visits Haverbill' John H. Cross, president of Mrs. A. R. King, lnc., of Philadelphia,
was a visitor in Haverhill recently and while in town he made a complete
inspection of his factory on Essex Street, which at the present time is running at
full capacity.

The Publishers Weekly

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dog Tige, and their Jolly Times Buddy Tucker and his Friends Pore Lil? ...
BUSTER BROWN - NUGGETS A Series of Ten Funny Books for the Children
Size, 6% x 7%. ... Brown Goes shooting 5. euster Brown Plays Cowboy 6. reuster
Brown on Uncle Jack's Farm Size, 4% x 6%. Price, 25 cents. 1. Nearer, My God to
Thee 10. J. Remember, 1 Remember 2. o Little Town of Bethlehem 11. Village
Blacksmith 3.