Business Buyout Agreements

Author: Anthony Mancuso
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 1413322638
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Provides advice and legal forms for creating a business buyout agreement, detailing when co-owners can sell interests, who can buy into the business, and how much departing owners can ask for their shares.

Business Buyout Agreements

Author: Bethany Laurence J.D.
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 1413314368
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This book will help you create documents to help ensure a smooth transition following someone's departure.

Tax And Business Planning After The 1993 Tax Act

Author: California Continuing Education of the Bar
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B . Objectives of Succession Planning. 1. For the entity. a. Provide certainty by
formal agreements. b. Provide for continuity of business through transition of
ownership. c. Provide Buy-Sell arrangements to effect transition . d. Restrict
transfers of stock. 2 . For the owners . a. Provide exit vehicle for stockholders in
forms of buyouts under Stockholders '" Agreement and/or Deferred
Compensation Agreement. b. Provide structure for estate, gift and generation
skipping tax planning. c.

How To Create A Buy Sell Agreement Control The Destiny Of Your Small Business

Author: Anthony Mancuso
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 9780873374644
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To plan to avoid bitter fights over ownership in the future, it's best for all owners to
adopt these rules for forced buyouts well in advance of the need to use them. ...
To prepare you to choose the most appropriate buy-sell provision to deal with
each type of scenario, we also explain and present ways to provide for forced
buyouts, including those that offer: • the option for your company and its owners
to purchase an ownership interest from an owner or her estate or her family
members ...

Parting Company

Author: Andrew J. Sherman
ISBN: 9780938721666
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Innovative Strategies to Plan for Succession, Manage the Transition, Sell Or
Tranfer Your Business Andrew J. Sherman. binding terms, 135-138 choosing a
type, 132-133 due diligence and, 128 proposed terms, 135 Licensing benefits of,
165-166 character licensing, 171-174 disadvantages of, 166-167 merchandise
licensing, 171-174 technology licensing, 167-171 Life insurance amount needed,
33-34 buy-out agreements, ... See Management buyout Minority-interest
discounts, ...

Franchise Times

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Biz se Finance By Dennis L. Monroe Over the years, my partners—]ohn Berg and
Scott I-Iusaby—— and I have been helping franchise clients with business
transition issues. The transfer or transition ... One of the most important steps a
business owner can take to protect both his family and his business is to engage
in business contingency planning. ... For businesses owned by more than one
individual, most of these issues can be addressed in a shareholder agreement.
For wholly ...

Tax Management Multistate Tax Portfolios

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Again, it should be borne in mind that, together with these additional
administrative burdens, comes a greater degree of flexibility in managing the
business affairs of the enterprise. While the more exotic forms of executive
compensation agreements, such as employee stock ownership plans,378 may
become relevant only in a larger enterprise, almost any enterprise will wish to
make provision for the orderly transition of control in the event of the termination,
retirement, or death of a ...

Valuing Small Businesses And Professional Practices

Author: Shannon P. Pratt
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780786311866
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In times of crisis, all parties should be focusing on the successful management of
the business rather than being caught up in protracted valuation analysis or
disputes. Every business owner should have a plan for (1) estimating the value of
the ownership interest in the small business or professional practice and (2)
providing the ownership transition funding that may be required. ... The buy-sell
agreement should be designed to accomplish the following objectives: 1. Identify
those ...

Business Week

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AGE-OLD ISSUES As with any startup, the founders in a family business should
plan for the unexpected — say, if sales grow faster or slower than anticipated or if
a buyout offer materializes. They must also plan for the time when one party
wants to ... 0 DEVELOP GOOD I COMMUNICATION Agree about the types of
decisionsyou'll Hi 0 perhaps wanting to take charge once and for all or bring their
own kids into the business. The reverse can happen, too: A parent who had
intended to ...

Architectural Record

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company's buy/sell agreements, such as net worth multiplied by a factor.
According to several ... Michael Strogoff, AIA, of Strogoff Consulting, states that "
as with all business transactions, the 'fair market value' is eventually determined
by discussions between a willing buyer and a willing seller and is subject to the
actual terms of the ownership transfer." Financial ... The ESOP is a type of profit-
sharing plan that allows firm employees to have an ownership stake in the firm.
Simply stated ...