Bringing International Fugitives To Justice

Author: David A. Sadoff
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107129281
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A novel and robust examination of all policy means and their lawfulness for recovering fugitives abroad via extradition or its alternatives.

United States Mexico Law Journal

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ABROAD DAVID P. WARNER* In an effort to begin to bring balance to what can
be a perceived as an emphasis on extradition as a primary, if not exclusive,
remedy to secure fugitives' apprehensions and returns, this comment identifies
other legitimate alternatives to bring fugitives, such as white-collar criminals, to
justice.1 Because obtaining evidence abroad often plays a determinative role
once transnational ...

International And Comparative Law Review

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If an asylum state is unable or unwilling to extradite international terrorists to the
United States, there are still several alternatives to the formal extradition process.
... Directive-39 ("PDD-39"), articulating policy and guidelines for bringing
international terrorists to justice.126 PDD-39 appears to establish a hierarchy of
modes of rendition.127 121 See Ethan Nadelmann, The Evolution of United
States Involvement in the International Rendition of Fugitive Criminals, 25

The Indian Journal Of International Law

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identify more drugs, abuse of which was dangerous to human society, and to
bring them under the control of the international legal regime. Subsequently, the
... But somehow the author misses to mention that where there is lack of
jurisdiction to prosecute, extradition remains open for bringing the fugitive to
justice. In case the ... Promoting humanitarian considerations, the Protocol
provides for the rehabilitation measures for drug abusers as an alternative or in
addition to punishment.

Strengthening The Long Arm Of The Law

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Reform. Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources
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how are fugitives avoiding extradition, and how can we bring them to justice? :
hearing before the Subcommittee ... Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug
Policy, and Human Resources. diffusions in a further ... According to the written
testimony of District Attorney Fox, we'll be hearing from on tile next panel, the
Justice Department eliminated Its liaison officer who used to Two state
prosecutors were detailed to the Office of International Affairs (OIA) in the late
1990s. The first, Florida ...

The Yale Journal Of International Law

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In 1993, it began ratifying such treaties with developing countries. Increasingly,
though, the Chinese government — desperate to bring to justice corrupt high-
level officials who have fled to the United States, Canada, Australia, and Western
Europe — has been motivated to pursue extradition treaties with developed
nations. Human rights concerns make extradition with China problematic for
many developed states, however. States often refuse to extradite individuals in
their custody ...

Eichmann In Jerusalem

Author: Hannah Arendt
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101007167
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And the indictment quite properly carried in an appendix the official interpretation
of the Law of 1950 by Pinhas Rosen, then Minister of Justice, which could not be
clearer and less equivocal: “While other peoples passed suitable legislation for
the punishment of the Nazis and their collaborators soon after the end of the war,
and some even before it was over, the Jewish people ... had no political authority
to bring the Nazi criminals and their collaborators to justice until the
establishment ...

Computer Network Attack And International Law

Author: Michael N. Schmitt
Publisher: Naval War College Press
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It is therefore not surprising that law enforcement officials have often turned to
alternative forms of rendition in their efforts to bring alleged offenders to a forum
for prosecution. Alternatives to Extradition One alternative to extradition that has
been employed with some frequency in Europe is “hot pursuit.”" This approach
allows the police authorities of one State to cross the borders of a neighboring
State in hot pursuit of a fleeing fugitive, and it is consistent with the policy of
internal open ...

International Terrorism And Political Crimes

Author: M. Cherif Bassiouni
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780398032968
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As stated by Professor Evans: Accepting the premise that the established method
of recovery of the international fugitive offender is by extradition proceedings
which are ordinarily governed by both treaty and statute, it may be asked whether
... for each question tends to raise other questions about the scope of the
territorial jurisdiction of the state, the plenary power of the state over the
responsibility of the state for enforcing law and order by bringing criminals to
justice, the right of the ...