Biotransformations And Bioprocesses

Author: Mukesh Doble
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Studying reactions from small to supramolecules, this reference provides an abundant supply of end-of-chapter problems to sharpen understanding of key concepts presented in the text.

History And Trends In Bioprocessing And Biotransformation

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Vol. 68, p. 191 Schügerl, K. Development of Bioreaction Engineering. Vol. 70, p.
41 Schumann, W: Function and Regulation of Temperature-Inducible Bacterial
Proteins on the Cellular Metabolism. Vol. 67 p. 1 Schuster, K. C.: Monitoring the
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Biocatalysis For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Author: Junhua (Alex) Tao
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Biotransformations. Lutz Hilterhaus and Andreas Liese 4.1 Introduction The
enzyme is the elementary operational component in a bioprocess, while the
spectrum of bioprocesses ranges from reactions with single purified enzymes to
complex cellular, animal and plant systems [1]. The classification of the different
biocatalysts can be done by differentiation into enzymatic biotransformations and
metabolic bioconversions (Figure 4.1). Enzymatic biotransformations are
characterized by a ...

Manual Of Industrial Microbiology And Biotechnology

Author: Richard H. Baltz
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Within bioprocesses, organic compounds are converted by either isolated
enzymesor wholecell biocatalysts. Thus,the enzyme is the elementary
operational component ina bioprocess, whilethe spectrum of bioprocesses
ranges fromreactions withsingle purified enzymes to complex cellular systems.
Biotransformations can be differentiated into enzymatic and metabolic
bioconversions. Enzymatic biotransformations are characterized by a low number
of specific reactions, whereas ...

Biotransformation Of Waste Biomass Into High Value Biochemicals

Author: Satinder Kaur Brar
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Carlos Ricardo Soccol is the research group leader of DEBB (Department of
Bioprocess Engineering and Biotechnology) at the Federal University of Paraná,
Brazil, with 20 years of experience in biotechnological research and
development of bioprocesses with industrial application. He is a graduate in
Chemical Engineering (UFPR, 1979), Master in Food Technology (UFPR, 1986)
and a Ph.D. in Genie Enzymatique, Microbiologie et Bioconversion (Université de
Technologie de ...

Fundamentals Of Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology

Author: Viktor Nedovic
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A combination of oxidative and reductive metabolic pathways can be required for
conducting two or more consecutive biotransformations. Examples of
bioprocesses that benefit from aerobic-anaerobic coupling include ethanol
production from starch [55], nitrogen removal [56[, and mineralization of
chlorinated aliphatics [57]. A general model of a coupled aerobic-anaerobic
system was developed in [51[. Model analysis demonstrated the advantages of
coupling over sequential ...

Microbial Enzymes And Biotransformations

Author: José-Luis Barredo
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... inflammation, tumor growth and metastasis, activation of zymogens, release of
hormones and pharmacologically active peptides from precursor proteins, and
transport of secretory proteins across membranes (1). Besides this, they have
extensive applications From: Methods in Biotechnology, Vol. 17: Microbial
Enzymes and Biotransformations Edited by: J. L. Barredo © Humana Press Inc.,
Totowa, NJ in food industry, laundry detergents, leather treatment,
bioremediation processes, ...

Industrial Biotransformations

Author: Andreas Liese
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Based on extensive literature and patent research, this book is unique in arranging each process in a systematic way to allow for easy comparison.

Bioprocess Engineering

Author: Shijie Liu
Publisher: Elsevier
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The quantitative treatment of bioprocesses is the central theme in this book, with more advanced techniques and applications being covered in depth.

Practical Methods For Biocatalysis And Biotransformations 2

Author: John Whittall
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The successful design, development and execution of a synthetic route
containing a biotransformation is an area that requires a truly interdisciplinary
effort between organic chemistry, analytical, (bio)/chemical engineering,
fermentation, molecular biology, etc. A few companies have all of these ... This is
particularly true when taking a bioprocess from concept to industrialization,
where the need for multiple skills often necessitates the use of multiple CROs. 1.3
Biotrans Trends – Lonza ...