The Universal Social Safety Net And The Attack On World Poverty

Author: Anthony Clunies-Ross
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134659148
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... and Development A new paradigm for delivering the internet to rural areas in
developing countries Jeffrey James The Economics of Palestine Economic policy
and institutional reform for a viable Palestine state Edited by David Cobham and
Nu'man Kanafani Development Dilemmas The methods and political ethics of
growth policy Melvin Ayogu and Don Ross Rural Livelihoods and Poverty
Reduction Policies Edited by Frank Ellis and H. Ade Freeman Beyond Market-
Driven ...

The Rise Of The Market

Author: Philip Arestis
Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub
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... shortened version as 'Callonistics: a disentanglement', Economy and Society,
32 (3), 2003, pp. 496-502. Fine, B. (2002), '"Economic imperialism": a view from
the periphery', Review of Radical Political Economics, 34 (2), 1 87-20 1 . Fine, B.
(2003), 'Beyond the developmental state: towards a political economy of
development', in H. Hirakawa et al. (eds), forthcoming. Beyond Market-Driven
Development: A New Stream of Political Economy of Development, Tokyo: Nihon
Hyoron Sha, ...

The World Bank

Author: David Moore
Publisher: University of Kwazulu Natal Press
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'Economics imperialism and the new development economics as Kuhnian
paradigm shift', World Development 5Q (12): 2057-70. . 2002b. 'The World Bank's
speculation on social capital', in J . Pincus and J . Winters (eds.), Reinventing the
World Bank. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 203-21. . 2003a. 'Beyond the
developmental state: Towards a political economy of development', in H.
Hirakawa, M. Noguchi and M. Sano (eds.), Beyond Market- driven Development:
A New Stream of ...

Fifty Key Thinkers On Development

Author: David Simon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134304889
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More generally, Shiva argues that market-driven development in agriculture or
forestry, spurred on by trade and investment liberalisation, is a project of
exclusion that siphons resources and knowledge of the poor in the South into the
global marketplace. In the context of India, for example, she argues that
modernising agriculture (still the primary livelihood for three-quarters of humanity
) through biotechnological fixes and globalisation strategies has encouraged a
shift in production ...

Beyond The Market

Author: David Hine
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134743998
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... of the essentially limited contribution that pan-European harmonization or
convergence can make. Others lament the fact that the 'great European project'
has become primarily market driven, with social policy consigned to the margins
and notions of a federal welfare state abandoned. As proof of their views, both
would point to the shift in priorities from social protection and standard raising to '
competitiveness' and 'flexibility'. Much has been written on the sclerotic
development of ...

Needs Assessment Study For Market Driven Agricultural Technology Transfer And Commercialization In Name Of State Oyo State

Publisher: IITA
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Universities of agriculture, research institutes, NSS, ADP, parastatals, etc., must
be adequately funded, well-equipped, and their staff highly motivated to enable
them to carry out their mandates on agricultural development. There is a need to
carry out an ... This agroprocessing opportunity will require funds for the
procurement of machinery and as initial working capital because the required
investment is beyond the financial capability of the target farmers. Given the
perennial failure of ...

Beyond Experiments In Development Economics

Author: J. Edward Taylor
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198707886
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multiplier models: a purely demand-driven economy where production can
expand without upward pressure on prices. The minimal difference between
columns E and E′ arises from differences in functional forms assumed by the
GE-LEWIE and the SAM-LEWIE models, and the treatment of rest-of the world
accounts. 4.1 LEWIEAND MARKETS The more closed the ZOI market is, the
greater the potential for a cash transfer or other policy to create local income
multipliers. Conversely ...

Beyond Privatization

Author: Bjorn Wellenius
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 9780821338230
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Options. When the Salinas government embarked upon the path of
fundamentally restructuring the Mexican telecommunications sector in the late
1980s, its vision of the sector's development included not only the privatization of
Telmex — which was successfully accomplished — but also the movement of the
telecommunications industry away from a monopoly structure altogether, toward
a competitive, market- driven framework. In this respect, privatization was only a
first step, and the ...

Housing As Governance

Author: Astrid Ley
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 3643103301
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structuring thus giving direction for future investments in terms of transport,
environmental and settlement development.74 Planning Instrument Content
Cape Town 2030 Future Cape Town Spatial Development Frameworks (SDF)
District Spatial Development Plans (SDPs) ... Instead, the CDS aligns different
strategies and understands the city within its region beyond municipal
boundaries. ... (2003c). nomic and political realities in Cape Town.78 Market-
driven development processes.