The Social Economics Of Jean Baptiste Say

Author: Evelyn L. Forget
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Olbie, like L'An 2440, is a utopia. Living in a nation that had just ... It went through
nine editions in French during its first decade of publication and, with slight
variations in the title, it was translated into English by William Hooper and called
Memoirs of the Year Two Thousand Five Hundred7 (Hooper 1772). Mercier
published four ... was similarly popular. A second English translation, by Harriot
Augusta Freeman, appeared under the title Astraea's Return; or, The Halcyon
Days of France ...

The Gentleman S Magazine

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Astraea's Return; or, The Halcyon Days of France, in the Tear 2440 a Dream,
translated frown the French, By HarriotAugusta Freeman.' ." M. MERCIER, the
author of the Tableau de Paris, under the similitude of a dream, anticipates, and,
in some measure, predićts, what the Revolution, near zo years before the date of
which he wrote this work, has produced. If it does but produce half the od, he has
predićted, it will be a good #. ution, M., Mercier , describes what he wishes to
happen in ...

The Forbidden Best Sellers Of Pre Revolutionary France

Author: Robert Darnton
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In this remarkable book, Robert Darnton addresses one of the classic 'big questions' of history – what caused the French Revolution? – by beginning with a query of a different order, a more manageable one that can be answered: what did ...

On Becoming A Counselor

Author: Eugene C. Kennedy
Publisher: Crossroad 8 Avenue
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Revised and expanded, this book has become an indispensable resource for all those who, without extensive psychological training, must deal with troubled individuals.

The Leafless Forest

Author: Douglas Hill
Publisher: Hachette UK
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And so the army marches: towards a hopeless war; towards bloodshed and heartbreak; towards the growing evil that threatens the whole Continent from its fastness in the Leafless Forest.

Fiskerimin Fors Gslab Biblioteket

Author: E. T. A. Hoffmann
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Retells the story of Marie and her Christmas gift of a beautiful nutcracker, who came to life at midnight, fought against an army of mice, and took Marie on a journey to a world of wonders.