American Secret Projects Fighters And Bombers Of World War

Author: Tony Buttler
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Embracing both fighter and bomber proposals from the American Aircraft industry this new volume includes medium, heavy and intercontinental bombers, attack and anti-submarine aircraft, both for the USAAF and US Navy.

Air Warfare An International Encyclopedia A L

Author: Walter J. Boyne
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536 Royal Bulgarian Air Force ors and North American Sabres. ... A Civil Aviation
Authority bicentennial project. ... At the same time, a secret air component of the
army, the Voz- dushni Voiski,was established. ... The air force was reformed
illegally in 1936,with the aim of forming four wings during 1937–1939. ...
Although the first actual combat aircraft to arrive were Polish PZL P.24B fighters
and P.43A light bombers, the largest group of planes ... Axis Forces in Yugoslavia

Air Space Smithsonian

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Chinnery leads you through the endless rows of fighters, bombers and
reconnaissance aircraft layed to rest at Davis Monthan 112 ... the story of
American bombers in WWII, and Fighter Command, the story of the American
fighters that escorted them. ... and reheats roar - a deafening crescendo of sound
and venomous technology captured in front-line attack readiness! 143 pgs., 294
MM INI r 1 A Luftwaffe ...

Thor S Legions

Author: John Fuller
Publisher: Springer
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Weather Support to the U.S. Air Force and Army, 1937-1987 John Fuller ...
Richard J. Ihne was in charge of a weather station that supported the all-
important Twenty-first Bomber Command flight control center that, effective July 9,
1945, ...

Mussolini S War

Author: Frank Joseph
Publisher: Helion and Company
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He turned from submarines to aircraft as the alternative delivery system for his CA
2. ... The CANT 511 was originally designed in September 1937, as the world's
largest double-pontoon hydroplane, intended for civilian flights carrying mail,
cargo and sixteen passengers between Rome and Latin America. ... Even so,
renovation of the 511 began in June 1943, and proceeded with determination
until the air frame suffered some damage during a low-level run by USAAF
fighters. Repairs ...

Naval Institute Proceedings

Author: United States Naval Institute
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Radar made possible the devices used by night fighters, bombers, and coastal
aircraft, the Royal Navy's warships large and ... and U-boats; searchlights which
pointed unerringly at night towards enemy aircraft within their range even before
the ... In August, 1937, authority was given for 15 additional stations, giving
complete cover to the east and southeast coasts. ... and in order that the warnings
of enemy air attack could be flashed from the radar stations to the R.A.F.
controllers, and ...

Flying Magazine

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The Airplane Development Corporation was testing the second of its Vultee (
above) attack airplanes. ... 1937. Pan. llm. feet Powered by the Wright Cyclone
SR1820-F53, the Vultee attack airplane cruised at 220 miles per hour ... The
highly anticipated Douglas DC-4 (below), an aircraft for which the big five air
carriers (United TWA, American, Pan Am ...... Q The patrol bombers were
supplemented by new fighters that had speeds more than 100 mph faster than
fighters of the prewar era.


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By Stanley Brogden JET FIGHTERS, by Michael Taylor (published by Hamlyn)
THE proliferation of books about military ... Oberleutnant Heinz Bar of JV44, the
Luftwaffe's elite jet squadron formed in early 1945 by Adolf Galland, personally ...
Given that two manufacturers strove to get the first jet aircraft flying, why did it take
four years to get such a project really under ... will debate claims that the British
and American attacks on Germany were the major factor in winning the German

Flying Magazine

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The JAF was built around a force of short range bombers and fighters that were
flimsily built, armorless, fire traps. ... By the time the American offensive got
started at Guadalcanal on August 7, 1942, the Japs had gone a long way toward
reaching their goal of strategic .... It lost a lone plane over our then secret base at
Umnak on June 3 and launched its attack on Dutch Harbor the next day. .....
Similarly, in 1945, through September, tonnage flown was 39,518 and in 1944 it
was 28,861.

The New Encyclopaedia Britannica

Author: Encyclopaedia Britannica, inc
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Planned research and development The ULTRA project The V-2 rocket The
Manhattan Project The rival Poles Plan for the invasion ... The Soviets managed
to tum out 136,800 aircraft and 102,500 tanks by 1945, surpassing the Germans
in both. ... But the fact that attacking Pearl Harbor would “awaken a sleeping giant
” was lost on Japanese planners. ... several frequencies, but this was overcome
in tum by British airbome radar that allowed fighters to home in on bombers