Aliens Dead Orbit

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Collects issues #1-#4 of the thrilling and claustrophobic Aliens story: Dead Orbit, penned by Orc Stain creator James Stokoe!

Graveyard Orbit

Author: David Moore
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1440182396
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Steve asked with keen interest. “Everyone knows they have been in orbit for
many years, but where the hell did they come from?” “I know about the aliens
who transported them to your planet's orbit. ... correct,” Ogden answered. “No
knowledge, no resistance. It will be your death knell. Correction, it will be
mankind's death knell. In a matter of five weeks, maybe less, the beams will reach
every corner of the planet. It will be total annihilation.” Steve shook his head and
was a bit miffed.


Author: Damon Knight
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I dared not look for fear of having my head burnt off. The alien walked into it. The
ground-joint's radial ribs crackled up and sliced the alien. The puckered thing
enlarged to feed on the pieces. I listened for a long time as a wind shifted through
the forest and made the banshee trees moan. No one else came. The sun set
and it grew dark. "How long wilt Thou forget me, O Lord? Forever?" I cry silently
as I shiver in the cold. "How long wilt Thou hide Thy face from me?" Everybody is

Triple Helix Next Generation

Author: John Trifiletti
Publisher: John J. Trifiletti Ph.D.
ISBN: 1610639987
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From low orbit they mapped the locations of each downed Alien ship and
searched for other survivors. There were none. Dead humans and Aliens had
been cleansed from all the wreckage sites. Muda2067 recoiled in horror at the
thought of the dead Aliens being dissected and studied now in scientific labs all
over Earth. Muda2067 contemplated his fate. The colonization of planet Earth
had been a complete dismal failure. His entire armada had been destroyed in
their attempts to ...

Alien Death Fleet

Author: Edward S. Hudson
ISBN: 9780517006887
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The Preceptor had been dead in space for several minutes, but it hadn't mattered.
The aliens' radiation cannon had found the rebel ship. It now drifted, a lifeless
hulk ... The aliens. A scout ship just shifted into the system. I think it's locked on to
us. It's vectoring in on us, using a least-time orbit. They want us bad." Norlin
popped up Miza's full display and saw the readouts. Her personality might be
closer to a viper than a human, but Chikako Miza knew her job. She had spotted
the alien ...

Halo Ghosts Of Onyx

Author: Eric Nylund
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447203852
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Who were these new aliens? Or was this a weapon captured and controlled by
the Spartans sent ahead of them? The Covenant's tactics also confused Lash.
They hadn't used a Slipspace jump—something he was certain they would have
done to escape rather than sacrifice two ships. Suddenly, everything in this war
had changed. Commander Lash wasn't sure if it was for the better, or for the
worse. “Break orbit. . . dead slow,” Lash whispered. “Move us to Lagrange-Three.
Lieutenant ...

The Young Oxford Book Of Aliens

Author: Dennis Pepper
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780192781772
Size: 55.98 MB
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'It ain't dead yet. Takes a little while.' 'What did you do?' Charles muttered.
Daniels set down the drum of kerosene with a gasp of relief. 'Found this in the
garage. We Daniels always used kerosene on our mosquitoes, back in Virginia.' '
Daniels poured kerosene down the bug's tunnel,' Peretti explained, still awed. 'It
was ... him and they began searching for the matches, in the moonlit darkness.
Space-Born ROBERT BLOCH The probe-mission ship locked into orbit and 60
Philip K. Dick.

The Aliens

Author: Robert Silverberg
Size: 34.69 MB
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Those scouts had never come back, but their radiotronic messages had. And now
Earth's armada, all ten thousand ships and half a million fighting spacemen, was
out there, outside Pluto's orbit, waiting to intercept and battle to the death. And an
even battle it was going to be, judging by the advance reports of the men of the
far picket line who had given their lives to report — before they had died — on the
size and strength of the alien fleet. Anybody's battle, with the mastery of the solar

The Aliens

Author: Leonard Dinnerstein
Size: 39.73 MB
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The sun is hot and the shade of the bush, if not offering an extension of life, offers
at least a slowing down of death. And just when one feels the next breath will ...
For a moment the earth seemed to reel in orbit. The skin all over my body
tightened up as I gave voice ... After the movie ended, as I filed outside in the long
line of convicts and saw the shocked, wild expression on Brother J's face, I still
could not believe that Malcolm X was dead. He's dead, their faces said, although
not one of ...

The History Of Man S Future

Author: Daniel Ontengco Jr.
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465325573
Size: 55.91 MB
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If the ship would not have been so damaged while I was trying to take off, I could
have possibly made it into orbit and escaped. After taking a long nap for some
much-needed rest, I awoke to the sounds of alien ships again. I suppose they
were trying to become my new alarm clock. Aggravating my dilemma, it appeared
as if the Saurs were searching for my body to verify my death. Maybe they were
hoping to dissect a real human. I laughed at the possibility that they were
probably really ...