Agrobiodiversity And The Law

Author: Juliana Santilli
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136580026
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This is of concern not only to lawyers, but also to agronomists, biologists, and social scientists, all of whom need clear guidance as to the relevance of the law to their work.

Crop Genetic Diversity In The Field And On The Farm

Author: Devra I. Jarvis
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300220820
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“The agricultural biodiversity policy development process: exploring means of
policy development to support the on-farm management of crop genetic diversity.
” International Journal of Biodiversity Science and Management 5:10–20. Brush,
S. B. 2013. “Agrobiodiversity and the law: regulating genetic resources, food
security and cultural diversity.” Journal of Peasant Studies 40:447–49. Correa,
Carlos. 2000. “Options for the Implementation of Farmers' Rights at the National

Governing Digitally Integrated Genetic Resources Data And Literature

Author: Jerome H. Reichman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110702174X
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209, a voluntary instrument adopted by 150 countries during the Fourth
International Technical Conference on Plant Genetic Resources, Leipzig,
Germany, 17–23 June 1996. For details, see Juliana Santilli, Agrobiodiversity
and the Law: Regulating Genetic Resources, Food Security and Cultural
Diversity 126–30 (Earthscan 2012) [hereinafter Santilli (2012)], at 126–30. For an
updated version of the GPA, approved by the Commission on Genetic Resources
for Food and Agriculture in ...

Plants People And Practices

Author: Jay Sanderson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108158366
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For example, in her book Agrobiodiversity and the Law: Regulating Genetic
Resources, Food Security and Cultural Diversity,40 36 UPOV, 'UPOV council
holds its thirty-first extraordinary session', Press Release 96 (11 April 2014), www Specifically, it has
been suggested that in ratifying ARIPO's Draft Protocol, UPOV ignored Articles 34
and 30(2) of UPOV 1991: See, e.g., S. Gura, 'UPOV breaking its own rules to tie-
in African ...

Common Pools Of Genetic Resources Equity And Innovation In International Biodiversity Law

Author: Evanson Chege Kamau
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135069700
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Mayer, E (2002) The articulated peasant: household economies in the Andes,
Westview Press, Boulder, CO. Mooney, P (1983) 'The law of the seed: another
development and plant genetic resources', DevelopmentDialogue, 1–2: 1–173.
Ruiz, M (2009) Agrobiodiversity zones and the registry of native crops: learning
from ourselves, SPDA, Lima. Santilli, Juliana (2012) Agrobiodiversity and the law:
regulating genetic resources, food security and cultural diversity, Earthscan, New
York, ...

Protecting Indigenous Knowledge Against Biopiracy In The Andes

Publisher: IIED
ISBN: 1843696452
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Similarly, the government also needs to implement the Andean Communities'
Decision 391 which establishes a Common Access Regime to Genetic
Resources (October 21, 1993) that recognises the rights of indigenous peoples
over knowledge, ... Unfortunately for indigenous peoples in the Andes – whose
food security depends on the integrity of their traditional knowledge systems –
national legislation to implement these international and regional commitments
has been strongly ...


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ANDES helps build family-managed greenhouses, such as this one in the
community ofCuyo Grande, Cusco, in order to improve food security and access
to medicinal plants. Photo by Amanda King. ... One of the unique aspects of
ANDES' projects is their form of local networking, in which communities form
study groups to familiarize themselves with their rights, the nature of their
customary laws, and cultural norms related to the regulation of genetic resources.
These study ...

Uganda Journal Of Agricultural Sciences

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This loss of diversity has had very negative effects on household food security.
The outbreak of just ... The entry of the private sector into crop improvement
culminated into the development and enforcement of laws regulating access to
improved planting material and the production and marketing of seeds. The laws
are in the ... Agro- biodiversity and genetic resources can also be put at a risk by
genetic engineering technologies such as the terminator technology that causes

The Second Report On The State Of The World S Plant Genetic Resources For Food And Agriculture

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org
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CHAPTER 4 A number of countries“ described action taken to encourage
agricultural tourism through, for example, the development of low-input
agriculture, museum plots, historical gardens, heritage and food festivals and
cultural landscapes. These aim, inter alia, to take land out of intensive food crop
production, secure the future for heritage crop varieties, maintain levels of
agricultural biodiversity, reduce pollution and support education and public
awareness. In addition, several ...

The Crossroads Of Modernities

Author: Fernando Mathias
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However, legal instruments for the protection of the rights of indigenous and
traditional farmers and the mechanisms of benefit sharing arising from the use of
local seeds and varieties, as well as traditional knowledge associated to species
and ... objective of the FAO Treaty is the conservation and sustainable use of
plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, and the fair and equitable
sharing of benefits arising from their use, in favour of sustainable agriculture and
food security.