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Drawing on more than thirty years of experience, leading trial consultant Richard Gabriel provides first-hand accounts of his work on high-profile cases, from the trials of Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson, Phil Spector, and Heidi Fleiss to the ...

Jury Ethics

Author: Nancy J. King
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The victim was in tears because the finding of not guilty meant to her that the jury
felt that she was a liar.” 19. Cathy E. Bennett & Associates, Inc., jury consultants,
list the cost of postverdict interviews as running between $1,000 and ... Court of
Ohio struck down an order suppressing the names, addresses, and
questionnaire responses of jurors in a high-profile ... seemed to accept the
likelihood that some of the jurors would “rather enjoy” the opportunity for “the
disclosure of secrets.

Stalin S British Victims

Author: Francis Beckett
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It continued: Danilov«s case is one of a series of high-profile espionage cases
that have been brought against researchers ... Danilov«s defence lawyers and
human rights activists attribute the rare acquittal to his being granted a jury trial,
still a novelty for the Russian judicial system. ... Sutyagin is accused of passing
military secrets to US intelligence through a British firm for which he did
consulting work.


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He said that when he had appeared before the grand jury he had read a
statement saying he was discomforted by having to disclose confidential
conversations with his ... Not in Baghdad but in the north, the Kurdish area, from
Where he had once run secret anti-Saddam operations. ... U.S. security
consultants and bodyguards, retained by various U.S. military and civilian
agencies, were too high profile.

Aba Bna Lawyers Manual On Professional Conduct

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Judge Lewis A. Kaplan also ruled that the target's communications with the PR
consultants, or with both the lawyers and the ... These rulings came during a
grand jury investigation in what the court described as a "high profile matter" that
has drawn ... (2) seeking to avoid or narrow charges brought against the client,
and (3) zealously seeking acquittal or vindication. ... nonpublic facts and defense
strategies without fearing that the consultants can be forced to disclose those

Encyclopedia Of Forensic Science

Author: Suzanne Bell
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... method. defense attorney The attorney that represents the defendant (suspect)
in a criminal trial or the defendant in a ... In high-profile cases, it is not uncommon
to see a team of defense lawyers. ... Defense experts may come from a variety of
places, including other government or private forensic labs, or they may be
consultants from a university or the private sector. ... As examples of the
reorganization and consolidation, the U.S. Customs Service and U.S. Secret
Service, previously ...

California Law Business

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An Ordinary/Extraordinary Joe The Designated Fighter Wylie A. Aitken Orange
County's best-known trial lawyer. ... Blue chip legal talent, brought to you by the
experts on the subject Blue Chip Law Consulting now has experienced ... Trade
Secrets Trademarks National jury PROJECT. ... Though the big, high-profile
verdicts are satisfying and help pay the bills (Cotchett owns a couple of trendy
Bay Area ...

New York Magazine

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secret. about. Alton. and. Vernon. is. that. they. both. come. from. the. South. "
says. leftist. lawyer. William. Kunstler. "IN ... Infant mortality among blacks in the
city is two times higher than the national average, for example, and despite the
city's growing .... Maddox also won an acquittal for a black teenager charged with
the murder of a Roman Catholic priest in Brooklyn. ... Just last month, he stirred
up a controversy at the trial of the men accused of slashing Maria Hanson, the