A Terrible Revenge

Author: Alfred-Maurice de Zayas
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan Trade
ISBN: 9781403973085
Size: 39.64 MB
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In A Terrible Revenge, de Zayas describes this horrible retribution. This new edition includes an updated foreword, epilogue and additional information from recent interviews with the children of the displaced.

500 Days

Author: Sean M. Mcateer
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1434961591
Size: 22.14 MB
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Cambridge Univ. Press, NY 1987, also Soviet Opposition to Stalin & Thorwald,
Jiirgen. The Illusion. Harcourt, Brace, Javonovich, NY 1975. 14 Documents on
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Defeat in the East. Ballantine Books, NY 1951, final two chapters; deZayas, Alfred
-Maurice. A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European
Germans, ...

The Economy Of Ethnic Cleansing

Author: David W. Gerlach
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107196191
Size: 53.90 MB
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The Transformation of the German-Czech Borderlands after World War II David W
. Gerlach. Thum, Gregor. Uprooted – How Breslau Became Wroclaw During the
Century. Translated by Tom Lampert and Allison Brown. Princeton: Princeton
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Cleansing in 20th Century Europe. Boulder: Social Science ... A Terrible
Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans 1944– 1950.
New York: St. Martin's ...

Law Without Nations

Author: Austin Sarat
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804777223
Size: 66.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Steven Bela Vardy and T. Hunt Tooley, East European Monographs (2003), 157-
63. See also Ther and Siljak, eds., Redrawing Nations. 15. Marrus, The
Unwanted, 330; Alfred-Maurice De Zayas and Charles M. Barber, A Terrible
Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans, 1944-50 (New
York: St. Martin's Press, 1994). 16. Compare Alfred Obiora Uzokwe, Surviving in
Biafra: The Story of the Nigerian Civil War (Writers Advantage, 2003). 17.
Compare Ben Kiernan ...

Politics Of Ethnic Cleansing

Author: Klejda Mulaj
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 9780739146675
Size: 72.11 MB
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... War, see Ramet, The Three Yugoslavias, 137–38. 148. For the expulsion of
Germans from Tito's Yugoslavia, refer to John R. Schindler, “Yugoslavia's First
Ethnic Cleansing: The Expulsion of the Danubian Germans, 1944–1946,” in
Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe, Várdy and Tooley, eds., 359–72.
For the expulsion of Germans from Central and Eastern Europe, see Alfred-
Maurice de Zayas, A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East
European Germans ...

Talking Conflict The Loaded Language Of Genocide Political Violence Terrorism And Warfare

Author: Anna M. Wittmann
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440834253
Size: 66.41 MB
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128 | Euthanasia (T4 Program) Yet another huge ethnic cleansing occurred
shortly before and after the end of World War II: the flight or deportation of more
than 10 million ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe. While many fled from the
Soviet advance, the final decision to “cleanse” Eastern Europe of Germanic
peoples by “resettlement” into the new borders of East and West Germany and
Austria was made by the Allies in Potsdam on August 2, 1945. An estimated 2.1
million ethnic ...

Ethnic Cleansing And The European Union

Author: L. Tesser
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113730877X
Size: 48.91 MB
Format: PDF
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A. Demshuk (2006) 'Citizens inNameOnly: The NationalStatus of German
Expellees, 1945–53,' Ethnopolitics 5(4): 383–397. A. M. de Zayas(1977)
NemesisatPotsdam: The AngloAmericans and the Expulsion of the Germans,
Background, Execution, Consequences (London: Routledge). Zayas A. M. de (
1994)A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing ofthe East European Germans
1944–1950 (New York: St. Martin's Press). A. M. deZayasand M. R. Marrus (1988
) 'A Historical Survey ...

Germany And Eastern Europe

Author: Keith Bullivant
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042006782
Size: 29.34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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De Zayas, Alfred-Maurice: A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East
European Germans, 1944-1950. New York: St Martin's Press, 1993. Galos, Adam
, and Kazimierz Wajda: "Migrations in the Polish western territories annexed by
Prussia, 1815-1914." Celina B. Bobiriska and Andrzej P. Pilch, eds.: Employment
-seeking Emigrations of the Poles World-wide XIX and XX century. Krakow:
Uniwersytet Jagielloriski, 1975 (Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwer- sytetu Jagiellonskiego
. 417).

The International Handbook Of The Demography Of Race And Ethnicity

Author: Rogelio Sáenz
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9048188911
Size: 10.92 MB
Format: PDF
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Ethnopolitics, 6(1), 67–88. Crowe, D. (1991). The gypsies in Hungary. In D.
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