A History Of Agnostics In Aa

Author: Roger C
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This book is an inspiration for those uncomfortable with the “God bit” in 12 Step recovery meetings and fellowships.

A History Of Agnostic Groups In Aa

Author: Roger C.
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0991717414
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Since that time, agnostic groups have been organized in AA throughout North America and Europe. This book tells the tale of some of the first agnostic groups in AA, how they were founded and by whom.

Don T Tell

Author: Roger C.
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Today, if an AA group dares to take this a step further and call itself “agnostic,” or
“atheistic,” or make any changes to the Steps as published, it risks expulsion from
the sacred meeting lists of its local Intergoup. What is going on? Are we here to
get sober, or to argue about our religious beliefs? This story is the subject of
Roger C.'s book, A History of Agnostic Groups in AA. From the early beginnings
of individual beliefs in opposition to the “god bit,” and particularly the western
Christian ...

Each Breath A Gift

Author: Thomas B.
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Other books include Marya Hornbacher's Waiting, John Lauristsen's A
Freethinker in AA, My Name Is Lilian and I'm an Alcoholic (and an Atheist): How I
Got Sober in AA without All the God Stuff, The 12 Step Philosophy of Alcoholics
Anonymous: An Interpretation by Steve K. I eagerly look forward to reading
Roger's latest book, A History of Agnostics in AA. There are also a number of
books printed in Great Britain including an excellent pamphlet, “The 'God' Word –
Agnostic and Atheist ...

The 12 Step Philosophy Of Alcoholics Anonymous An Interpretation By Steve K

Author: Steve K.
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 132606102X
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The AA historian Ernest Kurtz referred to this principle as “joyous pluralism”, in
his book, 'Not-God, A History of Alcoholics Anonymous' (P. 151, Hazelden Press,
1979). It is worth mentioning at this point that several empirical research studies
between 2002-2007, have shown that positive drinking outcomes are achieved
due participation in AA, regardless of religious or spiritual belief. Tonigan, Miller
and Schermer's (2002) study of atheists and agnostics in AA, demonstrated that
AA ...

Beyond Belief Agnostic Musings For 12 Step Life

Author: Joe C.
Publisher: Rebellion Dogs Publishing
ISBN: 0988115719
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from Arthur S. et al, “Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Recovery Outcome Rates.” 73
Kurtz, The Collected Ernie Kurtz, 20: In response to anAA member who wrote
GSO about the Cain letter, Bill W. wrote to Betty R. in 1963, “Despite its petulant
and biased nature, the piece did contain some halftruths. It certainly applied to
some A.A.'s at some place at some times! Therefore it should help us take heed ...
The Psychology of Alcoholism. 78 Kurtz, Not God: A History of Alcoholics
Anonymous, p.

The Little Book

Author: Roger C.
Publisher: BookBaby
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Jim B http://aaagnostica.org/2012/04/07/jim-burwell/ 3. A Higher Power of My
Understanding http://aaagnostica.org/2012/07/01/a-higherpower-of-my-
understanding/ 4. A History of Agnostic Groups in AA http://aaagnostica.org/a-
history-of-agnosticgroups-in-aa/ 5. AA Agnostics of the San Francisco Bay Area
http://www.aaagnostics.org/index.html 6. We Agnostics http://weagnostics.com/ 7.
Realistic Recovery http://realisticrecovery.wordpress.com/the-12-steps-of-realistic
-recovery/ 8.

Key Players In Aa History

Author: Bob K
Publisher: BookBaby
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Wilson, who is sometimes portrayed as atheist, was not. “I had always believed in
a Power greater than myself. I had often pondered these things. I was not an
atheist.” The author of “We Agnostics” also seems, from his own story, to have not
been an agnostic as well, instead believing in “a Spirit of the Universe, who knew
neither time nor limitation”. He shared his maternal grandfather's “contempt of
some church folk and their doings... his denial of the preacher's right to tell him
how he ...

Turning Point

Author: Dick B.
Publisher: Good Book Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781885803078
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A History of Early A.A.'s Spiritual Roots and Successes Dick B. At this point, we
need not again recount or even summarize what Shoemaker gave to A. A., its Big
Book, and Twelve Steps. But we do want to review four major contributions.
Shoemaker's suggested experiment of faith As stated, Dr. Bob and Bill had no
specific program for bringing atheists and agnostics to a faith in God. Yet Bill
seemed surrounded by such a group of unbelievers in New York. Others have
seemingly ...

What Is Alcoholics Anonymous

Author: Marc Galanter
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190276568
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They also jointly wrote an introduction to the book, Don't Tell, 14 which includes a
compilation of personal stories from the AA Agnostica website. AA is a fellowship
where fidelity and respect for those who commit themselves to leadership is very
important. Although Kurtz was not a member, his history of AA15 gave him a
special place among its members, and his acceptance of the agnostic group is
important. A History of Agnostic Groups in AA16 is available as an e-book, and
Kurtz ...