50 Things To Go Further With Google Classroom

Author: Alice Keeler
ISBN: 9780996989565
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This book helps you take Google Classroom further with 50 tips, resources, and templates to help you consider ways to start moving towards a more student-centered approach to teaching and learning.

Learning Mathematics In Elementary And Middle Schools

Publisher: Prentice Hall
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A Learner-centered Approach. ยง'_'1tvw.tww gem 6-r Equivalent Representations
and GroupingRelal.ionsIuip$ Dodds, Dayle Ann. (1999). The Great Divide.
Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press. Giganti, P. (1992). Each Orange Had Eight
Slices. New York: ... Too Many Kangaroo Things to Do! New York: Harper ...
Using interlocking Unifix cubes, each child in a class can have the experience of
constructing a hundred square to use with rods of 10 and singles to show three-
digit numbers.

Second Best

Author: L. Steven Zwerling
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
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Just the other day I asked one of our students who had been in a class that
emphasized affective learning why it "galled" him (his word) that a classmate had
stopped coming halfway through the semester. "Because it would have done ...
While scrambling for new kinds of rewards, one may look for the new "
requirements" and resent others who reject both and accept guiltlessly a ripped-
off, self- graded A. Such problems notwithstanding, a student-centered approach
emphasizing the ...

Ontario Journal Of Educational Research

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The teacher characteristics listed were: warm, understanding, friendly vs. aloof,
egocentric, restricted; responsible, businesslike, organized vs. evading,
unplanned, slipshod; stimulating, imaginative vs. dull, routine classroom
behaviour; ... behaviour, and original, stimulating behaviour; and, further, that low
-order relationships existed between purposeful, productive pupil behaviour and
teachers' favourable attitudes toward "democratic classroom procedures", "child-
centered or ...


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If our classrooms are to become truly pupil-centered, we must consider the extent
to which a language course can take account of individual differences in terms of
learning rate, goal setting, course content and learning methods. ... He will take
the criterion test when he believes he is ready for it; if he does not display
mastery he may do further learning tasks and take the same test or a parallel form
of it again; only when he gives evidence of successful learning will he move on to
the ...

The Phi Delta Kappan

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With a shock we suddenly see that the children are doing much the same thing
that they once did in the little rectangular classroom. Out of over 50 photographs
showing the interiors of open space schools, not one shows a situation where
children are working completely free of adult prescription or supervision. In fact,
the vast majority of ... Yes, there's the usual bit about individualizing instruction
and the clarion phrases about a child-centered approach. These two concepts
are ...


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If "authority" is to be associated with a teacher-centered pedagogy and a
curriculum in which all decisions are made for the students prior to their entrance
into the classroom, and if teachers wish to choose the new student-centered
forms of ... 2 If teachers agree with the public's worries and wish for even more
stringent behavioral approaches to the situation, they are yet caught in the
dilemma that their technical approaches are not working. ... 50) in which people
become things.

Learning Group Leadership

Author: Jeffrey A. Kottler
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483323277
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An Experiential Approach Jeffrey A. Kottler, Matt Englar-Carlson. participating in
any academic class that requires a degree of selfdisclosure, or reading any text
that encourages you to apply what is presented to your personal life. ... You will
be relieved to know that instructors who teach group work are extremely sensitive
to these issues; that is why they will do everything they can to protect your rights,
safeguard your dignity, and provide informed consent so you know what you are

Scaffolding Emergent Literacy

Author: Anne Keil Soderman
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 9780205279890
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A Child-centered Approach for Preschool Through Grade 5 Anne Keil Soderman,
Kara M. Gregory, Louise T. O'Neill, Louise T. McCarty. the writing process ... "
Symbolic representation means using one thing to represent another, as letters
are used to represent ideas" (Fields & Hillstead, 1990:76, as cited in Bryson,
1994). This statement is ... Finally, Roskos (1988:565) points out that as children
make up stories to go with their play, they increase their narrative abilities.
Language ...

Journal Of Asian Pacific Communication

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traditional class, these students adhered more closely to the peer review
guidelines (note the use of numbers in the transcript that relate to items on the
guidelines). Further, not all the peer review groups in the LAN class got off to a
smooth start (see Braine, 2001, for an explanation). Nevertheless, the transcript ...
application are missing. Concerning the introduction of this paper, I think it is
quite effective because Sharon has From a teacher-centered to a student-
centered approach 281.