The Traveler S Guide To The Most Scenic Roads In Massachusetts

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The National Audubon Society Field Guide to New England helps with plant, tree,
and flower identification while you're doing your roadside exploring. Those
interested in discovering who lived where amongst Bay State litterateurs while
driving country roads will enjoy William Corbett's enjoyable survey Literary New
England. For those who will get out of the car and take to the hills, John Brady
and Brian White have provided all the information you'll need in 50 Hikes in
Massachusetts, ...


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A Field Guide To Eastern Forests North America

Author: John C. Kricher
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John C. Kricher, National Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation. From
the Midwest to the northeastern United States and Canada, average annual
precipitation varies from 28 to 60 in. (70—1 50 cm) and, though fairly evenly
distributed among the months of the year, in winter it often falls as snow. Annual
... In New England the last killing frost of winter may occur as early as mid-March
or well into May, varying the length of the annual growing season. Throughout
most of the ...

Allegheny National Forest N F Vegetation Management On Electric Utility Rights Of Way

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The Audubon Society Field Guide To The Natural Places Of The Northeast Inland

Author: Stephen Kulik
Publisher: Pantheon
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Stephen Kulik, National Audubon Society. and by the 1938 hurricane (see #53).
Although few in number, they compare in size with the 1 50-foot-tall Cathedral
Pines in Connecticut (see #12) and the 120-foot Fisher- Scott Memorial Pines in
Vermont (see #28). The Carlisle Pines well exceed 100 feet in height, the tallest
measuring 136 feet, with a trunk diameter of Yh feet. Like New England's other
ancient stands of white pine, the Carlisle Pines are not virgin trees from the
precolonial ...


Author: Budd Titlow
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