Twenty Years Of The World Trade Organization

Author: World Trade Organization
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"20 years of the WTO: a retrospective provides an overview of the first two decades of the arbiter of the multilateral trading system. A selection of compelling images and quotes guides the reader through the history of the organization.

Knowledge As Property

Author: Rajshree Chandra
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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The 1999 amendment (retrospectively effective from 1995) brought one
significant change from the perspective of drug patents. It left prohibition of
product patent on food and ... The Amendment of 2002, under pressure from the
US and the WTO to hasten compatibility with the TRIPS framework, included the
main TRIPS requirements such as a 20-year uniform duration (earlier the process
patent in the field of health and nutrition was only 7 years). In the field of
compulsory licensing, ...

Financing For Gender Equality

Author: Zohra Khan
Publisher: Springer
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For instance, the Beijing+ 20 National Reports ask about the implications of
austerity measures on the 12 critical areas of action of the Platform, but not about
the implications of fiscal discipline embedded in over 20 years of economic
liberalization. The book also maps GRB in relation to the trajectories of economic
liberalization building on key milestones and critical events: 1995 as the year of
the Beijing Platform of Action, but also the creation of the WTO; 2001 as the year
of the ...

A Practical Guide To Working With Trips

Author: Antony Taubman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Part VII defines the role of the TRIPS Council within the WTO as the key body for
administering the TRIPS Agreement (all WTO Members are entitled to take part in
the Council's work). It holds regular sessions for its general work, and ... not
change its rules regarding the duration of patents filed before I October 1989 to
give them the 20-year term that TRIPS requires; the US claimed that existing
patents should run for the full 20 -year term. The AB found that existing rights had
to be ...

Agricultural Policy Reform And The Wto

Author: Giovanni Anania
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
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The purpose of this chapter is to provide a retrospective view and a tentative
assessment of the role of IPRs in the WTO and to venture a few considerations on
the prospects for IPRs in the current round of multilateral trade negotiations.
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IPRs are property rights defined over
intangible ... for a limited time (20 years from the date of filing, for most countries).
To be patentable, an innovation must be novel in the sense of not constituting
part of the prior ...

Sectoral Systems Of Innovation And Production In Developing Countries

Author: Franco Malerba
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
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But, with the country becoming a member of the WTO in 1995, the patent regime
has been made TRIPS-compliant. This TRIPS compliance in very specific terms
has led to the introduction of the following set of measures: The EMR (Exclusive
Marketing Rights) provision was introduced ○ with retrospective effect from 1
January 1995 (a self-expunging provision which became void on 1 January 2005
). ... The minimum patent term was increased from 14 to 20 years. - There was a ...

World Development Report 2005

Author: World Bank
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 0821356828
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New York: Harper Collins Publishers. WTO. 2003. Working Group on the
Interaction between Trade and Competition Policy. Study on Issues Relating to a
Possible Multilateral Framework on Competition Policy: Note by the Secretariat.
Geneva: World Trade Organization. Wunder, Haroldene F. 2001a. “Tanzi (1987):
A Retrospective. ... Creative Destruction in Industrial and Developing Countries.”
Burns, Anthony. “Thailand's 20 Year Program to Title Rural Land.” Byaruhanga,

World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Decisions

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Canada's position is premised on a false factual distinction between retrospective
and prospective systems, and Canada has failed to provide a textual basis for its
position. 3.109 Canada ... In addition, for up to two years after the date of entry,
Canada may redetermine the normal value, the export price, or the amount of
subsidy associated with any imported product. Judicial review may ... 20, 21, 42,.

Bioethics And Biosafety

Author: M. K. Sateesh
Publisher: I. K. International Pvt Ltd
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In accordance with the international development, such as Uruguay round of
GATT, negotiations paved the way for WTO. Therefore, India was put under the
contractual obligation ... It came to force on 26th March, 1999, retrospective
from01.01.1995. It laid down the provisions for the filing of application for ... This
amendment, which provides for 20 years term for the patent, reversal of burden of
proof etc. came into force on 20th May, 2003. The Third Amendment of the
Patents Act 1970, ...

Africa Environment Outlook 2

Author: United Nations Environment Programme
Publisher: UNEP/Earthprint
ISBN: 9789280726916
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United Nations Environment Programme/ Mediterranean Action Plan / Priority
Actions Programme.
Mediterranean%20-%20White%20Paper.pdf UNEP/MAP/PAP (1999).
Conceptual Framework and Planning Guidelines for Integrated Coastal Area ...
World Tourism Organisation,Madrid WTO(2003).Final Report of the 1st
International Conference on Climate Change and ... 195. STATE-AND-TRENDS: