Adhd According To Zo

Author: Zoë Kessler
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
ISBN: 1608826635
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Whether you share her diagnosis of ADHD, or just like a good story, ADHD According to Zoë will inspire you and encourage you to embrace your quirks. For more information about Kessler and her work, please visit

Putting On The Brakes

Author: Patricia O. Quinn
ISBN: 9781557988324
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Explains what attention deficit disorder is and how to treat it, discussing the cognitive and emotional aspects, what the medication options are, how to maintain positive relations with friends, and how to do well at school.

Attention Deficit Disorder

Author: Patricia O. Quinn
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135062978
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Finally, here is a book that examines Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and its impact over the life span.

A I E Basic College Mathematics

Author: McKeague
Publisher: Thomson
ISBN: 9780495107200
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Boys between the ages of 3 and 1 7 are how many times more likely to have
ADHD than girls of the same age? a. ^b. 0.1, 0.04 USA TODAY Snapshots Kids
learning and attention disorders In 2002. nearly 5 million children between 3 and
17 had a learning disability and about 4.4 million had Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD). Boys vs. girls ... 80% Car pool k n% Public
transit 5% Other 4% Drive alone: — ; Car pool: t-t^t; Public transit: -J— ; Other: —
^~ 5 K 100 20 25 75.

Morbidity And Mortality Weekly Report

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The sum of the sample sizes might not equal the total surveyed because some
parents did not know or refused to provide an answer to the question about the
characteristic. ... TS is more common in boys than girls (1–3,9). ... problems”
ability to learn 6 O - ; Diagnosis * Selected diagnoses included mental health and
neurodevelopmental conditions asked about on the survey, including attention-
deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), behavioral or conduct problems, anxiety
problems ...

Annals Of The Academy Of Medicine Singapore

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... Gender Male 49 (91.2) Female 5 (8.8) Race Chinese 48 (88.9) Malay 3 (5.6)
Indian 2 (3.7) Others I (1.9) ADHD subtype Combined subtype 40 (74.1)
Inattentive subtype I4 (25.9) Hyperactive-impulsive subtype 0 Ever prescribed
medication Yes 41 (75.9) No 31 (24.1) Presently on medication Yes 12 (22.2) No
42 (77.8) Duration of treatment (mo) Range I to 60 Mean 32.8 1 22.8 Presently on
follow-up at CGC 7 Yes 23 (42.6) No 31 (57.4) ADHD: attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder; ...